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Hon. Amaechi Got It Wrong

By Nimi Thom-Manuel

When you go on a vengeance on someone you might never know what is in stock for you at the end of the day. God said "vengeance is mine, I  will  recompense". Since after  the  2015  elections Rt. Han. Rotimi  Amaechi had been on a vengeful and suicidal mission targeted primarily on Gov. Wike of Rivers State and by extension on Rivers people.

By Nimi Thom-Manuel

When you go on a vengeance on someone you might never know what is in stock for you at the end of the day. God said "vengeance is mine, I  will  recompense". Since after  the  2015  elections Rt. Han. Rotimi  Amaechi had been on a vengeful and suicidal mission targeted primarily on Gov. Wike of Rivers State and by extension on Rivers people.

The mission crystallizing to  wrest power from  Wike and to  make Rivers State,  a  failed  one where  unrest will  perpetually  pervade throughout the state for as long as Wike is on the reigns of power. For close to four years Amaechi would breeze into Rivers State and drop one political arsenal or the other, causing agitations and commotions wherever he went.  Even in the  church he had been known to drop some.

When the ban on politics was lifted, whilst PDP, the more disciplined and cohesive party  was organizing its  primaries according to  the stipulated guidelines by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, the APC in Rivers State on the hand went into utter confusion. The state was nearly tom into shreds. What went on in that party at that time is best left for another article in this paper.

The high court judge  handed down a heavy and unsavoury verdict that  Rivers State APC does not  have candidates representing the party for the 2019 general elections. According to him (the Judge) this is "as a result of their  (APC's) stupidity and that  they cannot benefit from  it".  This was when Rivers State electoral woes took another turn.  Amaechi's animosity for  Gov. Wike and Rivers State went  fever  pitch.  He could not control  himself. He sought to  do something even if to destabilize the state. Power they say is the most beautiful commodity in the world. It intusticates. Amaechi thought it unilaterarily not consulting any member of the party in the state nor those at the National level to circumvent the court order to do some despicable things that had no rhyme or reason. That verdict by the court could have put Amaechi in hermit's shell - that is to steer clear of the 2019 general elections and plan for future elections or at best to see how he could gather the pieces left of the APC. This was not an option for him.

With  such  mercurial   character  Amaechi  had  really  brought   Rivers State to its ruins. In one of his campaign addresses he chanted a war song for APC  followers to use in dealing with Wike and the PDP in the state. Also he made other incendiary rhetoric's calculated to overheat the polity. He was like a bull in a china shop, scattering the party he and other well meaning members had built in one fell swoop. There were  several  infantile  and toxic  moves he  made  to  scuttle  the elections but  those  moves only  showcased the  deficit  in tactics  and the vacuity of strategy.

First of all Czar Amaechi and his cohorts trumped up charges against Wike to disqualify him from the contest.  That did not work. Next he constantly made an iceberg of misinformation's on the developmental strides made by Wike in the state, claiming that they were his (Amaechi's) projects. This did not hold water either.  He even gave huge sums of tax payers money to some undiscerning elders to protest against Wike. That ploy was also a sham.

The most ludicrous of them all was when Amaechi with no consultation with any member of his party went shopping for an alliance with a political party in the state so as to have a foothold in Rivers polity because he had lost it all. He went through the whole gamut of them all but none could give him that privilege or pleasure because he is well known to carry the big stick to flagellate any uncompromising politician. Finally he succeeded in making a pact with a party that could not have had any footing in any political setting even in the land of the pygmies of the Kalahari Desert just two days before the general elections most laughable.

The  modus  operadi  he presaged that  will  win  the  elections  for  him would  be to militarize the polity and snatch electoral  materials  at the polling units.

People  were  chased  out  of  the  polling   units  by  the  military   and electoral  materials  carted  away.  As a result  of  this  many  died  and others   sustained   serious   injuries.   This  could   not   bring   him  the political fortunes  he had been so desirous to achieve.

Even this plot could not pull off as the so called Deputy Governorship candidate  of that  inconsequential  party  had to distance  himself  from such infantile  and most perfidious arrangement.

Mrs. Ngeye Otobo  whom I talked to showed me a bullet hole on a pillar of  her father's house, fired by a military man which narrowly missed a Youngman. That could have been another fatality added to the many already recorded.

Another Youngman, Mr. James Idaeri complained of his camera smashed by a uniformed soldier.  Many more tales of woe abounded throughout those elections.

There is no moral equivalency to what Amaechi had done to Rivers people in these elections.  He had over-drawn on his goodwill political account in the state.  He cannot therefore   dictate the pace of the political direction thought of Rivers people. They know better now Democracy is all about choices. Amaechi succeeded in keeping APC members in Rivers State in chattel slavery. He made their political choices for them.  What a pity! Amaechi must admit to himself that he can no longer control the lever of political power anywhere in the state.  He must therefore dredge up all animosities he has for Wike and   Rivers  people   so  that   he  can  live   peacefully   in  the   state whenever he chooses to come back after his national assignments. Amaechi got  it all too wrong.  The DNA of Rivers State is that  it is all PDP and  will  remain  so ad  infinitum.   PDP is umbilically  connected with  Niger  Delta  and  so Rivers People must  vote  PDP all the  time, whether  elections  are conducted  a million times over.  Wike's political machine will win again and again.

Those   senseless  and   implacable   activities   of  Amaechi   had  only brought  such  social  immiserations   in  Rivers  State  -   loss of  lives, people got  maimed,  some still suffering  from  their  bullet  wounds.  Is it worth  it? I may ask Amaechi. This is the time  to have a rethink  or else he might just  have put the death nail on his political career and will be given persona non-grata  in Rivers State if he does not makes amends with  Rivers People. Like the Turkish  slogan,  O! Great Wike, we vow that  we will march unhesitatingly  along the road you opened, towards  the goal you showed".  Bravo Governor Wike. We are for you any day!