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Oil Exploration Production Company  Underway In Ogoni

Establishment of an Oil and Gas Exploration and Production firm in Ogoni land is said to be underway.

Establishment of an Oil and Gas Exploration and Production firm in Ogoni land is said to be underway.

A source told this medium that, the people have begun moves to come up with what the source described as an Ogoni Petroleum Company Limited IOPCL) with the sole aim to help the people breath an air of economic relief, like their counterparts in other parts of the Nigeria nation.

The Managing Director of the firm, Mr. Wisdom Victor Promise described it as a pan Ogoni Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company, explaining that its ownership is drawn from the six kingdoms that make up Ogoni land, and would be carefully designed to serve as the panacea to the long socio-economic neglect and marginalization of the Ogonis.

Mr. Wisdom Victor Promise recalled that Oil and Gas exploration activities were halted in Ogoniland over 25 years ago, due to human rights and environmental issues, thus necessitating that utmost need for an Ogoni Petroleum Company to come in and bolster life of the people, as well as to help the country recover the over 128,000 bpd shut down in Ogoniland.

He disclosed that the company would welcome partnership with sincere and capable hands in the industry such as the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and similar International Oil Companies (IOCs) interested in developing Ogoni and its people.

He stated further that there would be an Ogoni Development Foundation, (ODF) where proceeds from the OPLC would be channeled to provide scholarship for Ogoni youths, both home and abroad, gives standard healthcare services, provide infrastructure in communities, skills acquisition centers, offer naira interest free revolving loans for both small and medium scale businesses in the land, the spokesman promised.

The essence of the project, according to him, is to eradicate poverty, create wealth and rebuild Ogoniland from its impoverished state to an international tourist status.

Mr. Wisdom Victor Promise emphasized the need for understanding, support and co-operation for the project from government, corporate bodies, Ogoni people and the general public to make it a success.