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Neighborhood Watch Denies Amaechi’s Allegation

My attention has been drawn to a statement said to have been credited to the Honourable Minister of Transportation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Rt. Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, in which he alleged that His Excellency, Chief Barr Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, CON, GSSRS, Executive Governor of the State, Rivers, armed members of the RS Neighbourhood Safety Corps Agency, and unleashed us on to the State to disrupt the Presidential Elections of 23/2/2019 in some parts of the State, with particular reference to the mayhelm at Abonema.

However, I want to say that I do not want to believe such vituperation could have been spewed by a man who was not only a Speaker in this State for 8 years and a governor for another 8 years. I know that men of heights in the society must be careful not to sell their heights by the actions they take, including any public presentation as the statement under reference.

As a youth, the State gave him the chance to grow to the height he is today. But if this is the way to pay back the State by trying to deny the youths of the State employment opportunities given them by the Neighbourhood Watch as created by the Governor and the State House if Assembly, posterity awaits everyone for any contribution to society today.

For the Abonema genocide, and other killings in other parts of the State, Rivers people are long wise, educated, and enlightened enough to be taken for granted by this diversionary action of the Minister. As a man from the Security family, having spent 35 years in the service of our dear country and retiring on a clean slate, I think society should hold a man who makes this kind of allegation on the eve of an occasion as big, important and complex as an election, responsible should there be any mishap.

One thing I know, even the author of that statement must have laughed at himself backstage after that paid statement. Therefore, should not be surprised to hear people congratulate him for lying even to himself because he knew long ago that the Neighbourhood Watch Agency was not established to win elections for anybody but to gather intelligence and share with other established security agencies as the Police, DSS, and Civil Defence.

My advice is that the Minister stops dissipating his energy trying to disrupt the relative peace of the State and see how he cam use the agencies under his supetvision to create employment for the teeming employable but unemployed youths of the State, a good number of whom are on standby to take up their employment as opportuned by the State Neighbourhood Watch Safety Agency.

Dr Uche Mike Chikwuma, ACP(rtd),