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Expert Chronicles Benefits Of Automation Of Standby Generators

An engineering expert, Engr. Nwachukwu Alloy Iloanwusi, has outlined the benefits of  complete automation of a standby generator to the users in particular and the society at large.

 He made this known during a paper presentation at the technical session of Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Port Harcourt branch monthly general meeting at the NSE Secretariat in Port Harcourt.

According to him, to automate a standby generator would close the gap between the time of public power failure and when the person in charge switches on the standby generator which normally causes harm in hospitals' intensive care units, theatres and for those on life support and also during intelligence meetings.

The expert who stated that control or operation of a standby generator during power outage is done by activating the prime mover at mains further gave detailed information about the standby generator as well as what the user and the society would gain by using it. 

Engr Iloanwusi further said that “when there is a failure of public power supply, the loads are being transferred and returned to mains when power had been restored, thereby shutting down the generator as well as protecting the engine from shortage of lubricant or coolant and in that case pressure and temperature sensors are employed”.

On the load transfer circuit, the expert maintained that the change over circuit has two loads bearing contractors rated 800amp with a common output, but each serving as input for mains and standby generators respectively, recommending the 800amp to calculate load rating.

He noted that the control circuit has two segments of which one is controlled by mains and the other by standby, pointing out that the segment controlled by mains supplies three phase voltages and neutral to a neutral voltage monitor.

Iloanwusi said that the essence of delay in power changeover is to ensure that the supply has stabilized while the essence of passing through the normal close contact of generator contractor is to ensure that the generator contractor is de-energized.

He said that an engine protection circuit, is a circuit that would cut off the engine in the event of high temperature or low lubricant pressure, adding that it is incorporated into the stopping circuit.

He commended the NSE executives for the work they are doing and for the opportunity given him during the technical session.