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Why You Need to Position Yourself  Spiritually, Physically

Christian faithful have been instructed on the need to strategically position in life both spiritually and physically in order to maximize opportunities.

This was part of the message shared among the congregation at the Rhema Chapel International Churches Port Harcourt last Sunday.

In his exhortation to the church, Minister (Dr.) Gordon Amangabara stated that there is the need for individuals to evolve strategies aimed at taking advantage of positioning in life. He defined a strategy as a plan put in place to reach a goal, while describing positioning as a physical location taken. He cited from the Book of Genesis 24:42, how Abraham's servant strategically located himself in order to find a wife for his master's son. The preacher noted that Abraham's servant located himself by the well where virgins went to fetch water.

He added that strategic positioning is ''positioning yourself to the right person at a place  in the right way and with the right message”.

But he added that humans need to spiritually position themselves by seeking God first and always.

According to him, to maximize strategic positioning, Christians needed to cultivate their minds, exhibit values, choose the right word ,display the right action, apart from the need to stay focused, handle objections fairly and always have a good presentation .

To take advantage of strategic positioning in life, the minister urged Christians to pray, be sensitive to the move of the Holy Spirit and be available to serve God.