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Baen Community Cries Out Over Attacks By Bandits

Natives of Baen Community in Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State are now living in fear following recent activities of armed robbers in the area.

Available reports show  that the gunmen operate in broad day light, scaring people away with gunshots. We gathered that they usually stand on the village roads beating up people and collecting their properties.

One of the most recent attacks took place at KIA JOY Filling Station in Baen Community, where both villagers and strangers were robbed of their belongings.

Our source revealed that the villagers are now living in fear of who would be the next victim as it affected both farmers and traders who now find it difficult to go on with their businesses.

Speaking to National Network , one of the villagers lamented, “At night we run to churches to sleep out of fear, there is an increase in poverty because we no longer work for our daily bread. We are dying of hypertension out of fear”.

The Deputy Paramount Ruler of Baen Community, Chief Mgbara, Meelubari Ekoro said these attacks had subjected villagers into releasing their hard earned properties.

He added “After carting away your properties, they still take your life by gunning you down”.

In the meantime, the village chiefs said they had lodged their complaints to the police.

Meanwhile, the villagers are calling on the state government to render them a helping hand. Chief Ekoro said “the state government should provide us with adequate security to relief us of our condition.

He continued “If there's job creation and our youths are working, they will have no time for these barbaric activities. This is in line with the popular saying 'an idle mind is the devil's workshop'.