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Abe Alerts On Facebook, Social Media Scammers

The attention of the Senator representing the Rivers South-East Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Magnus Ngei Abe has been drawn to a message on Facebook and other social media platforms trying to use his name to solicit for assistance from unsuspecting members of the public.

Senator Abe said he is neither offering employment, nor giving out contract, or training anyone through Facebook and other social media platforms.

Handing down the warning on his Facebook account on Wednesday, Abe also deny doing such by proxies in the case of sending anyone or linking anyone to jobs related opportunities.

The Senator therefore urged members of the public to be wary of such fraudsters in the social media; adding that it was not the first time these criminal elements were doing this.

Abe said, “Let me repeat. I am not offering employment, contract, training or appointments to anyone via Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. I am not sending any agent, contact, security clearance committee, etc. to vet, or link anyone to any opportunities via social media.

 “Let me again urge members of the public to be wary of scammers, and other unscrupulous elements posing as public figures on social media. We have reported many of these fraudsters to Facebook and successfully closed several fraudulent accounts.

 “However, they continue to open new ones and target unsuspecting members of the public. Do not meet anyone or send money to anyone based on internet contact alone. Be wise and be safe. I care about you all. Please be extremely careful, and stay safe,” Abe advised.