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Rivers People Set Agenda For Governor Wike In 2020

Rivers State Government Should Implement The Budget – Barrister Tamunoemi Abbiyesuku

The budget they've already brought out for this year is all-encompassing on the education sector and agriculture. The government has meant well for its citizens in the state and also (on) infrastructural development, if you look at the budget of 2020 for Rivers State, the Rivers State Government has actually planned well. So, the most important thing is its implementation which His Excellency has always been doing in the previous budget. We also believe that he will do same in this budget that he has brought out which will benefit the citizens of the state. So with the budget that has been signed into law by the governor, we have already seen it is a good step in the right direction. I know that it is what the Rivers people expect for this new year: development, infrastructural development, educational development and others.

Housing Should Be Priority – Arc Asomba Egbuonu, FNIA

This is the beginning of a new decade, so I expect that the government of the day who have already started on a good note by the three flyovers they are building for the State should also look at ways of ensuring that alternate roads are provided for the people of Rivers State, the inhabitants of Port-Harcourt, to reduce the pressure. For such a construction work, there should be alternate roads. Government should make housing a priority because (for) the people of the state especially the civil servants and even those who live here, housing has become a major issue in Port-Harcourt…. I also personally believe too that we should also do our best to ensure that professionals in these sectors that will provide these infrastructures and housing for the people are properly engaged. The days of running very far to other places to get professionals and then leaving those in Rivers State who pay their taxes in Rivers State empty-handed, I think those days should go. All efforts should be made to make use of the very star professionals we have that are resident and are paying their taxes to Rivers State government.

Government Should Embark On Human Capital Development – Comrade Gashom Bob Achor

You build the youth and you build a nation, so when you develop the people naturally the entire system will be developed. There should be human capital development. The whole essence and the first constitutional duty of the administration of any government is to create job and protect life and property. You cannot build infrastructure and those to use it are hungry. It doesn't make any sense. So, the government should be able to make sure that they create a conducive atmosphere that should be nice. There should be some basic amenities that can be able to create job and enhance economic growth. The government should step up their action in terms of providing security for lives and property and also job creation or wealth creation. That's very important.

Wike Should Overhaul Fire Service – Gloria Boma Harry

Basically for them to deliver on the promises they made to Rivers people. During the campaign, there were lots of promises made so we want infrastructure… I mean good roads which the governor has already started construction but we are looking for better health services and our fire service too is nothing to write home about more so now that we have this very dry harmattan season. If they can overhaul that system, it will be a very good thing for Rivers people.

He Should Not Betray Trust Reposed In Him – Johnbull Obrasua

Thank God the budget has been signed into law and I trust that the governor will do all that he has laid out in the budget plan of this new year so that Rivers people will continue to build that confidence they have in him right from the inception of his administration.

He Should Fulfil All Promises Made To The People – Alabo Paworiso Samuel Horsfall, JP

Rivers State will expect from the governor to make good all his promises and I know that Nyesom Wike, His Excellency, will make good all his promises as a talk na do governor. Whatever promises that he has made is open to the public domain and I expect you to probe into it and make sure that it is done. If it is not done, let me know, so I can establish contact with him to ensure that it is done. I naturally would expect that he will fulfil all his promises for the good of the people of the state. So far, the indicators show that he's been doing well. He has flagged off projects and we expect him to make good the implementation of the projects he has flagged off and I expect that he will do that.

Wike Should Look At Industrializing Rivers State – Senator Adawari Pepple

What I expect from the current government is not to relent in its developmental efforts, to continue to do all the positive things that they've been doing in providing basic infrastructure to the citizenry and the entire state. We would expect that there would be further foray into expanding or making better business climate for business investors to come into Rivers State and invest. We would expect that they will now look at industrializing the state, making sure that they build industrial park with the basic amenities to encourage business investors and to encourage manufacturers to return into the state.

He Should Create Jobs – Hon. Chisom Kenneth Gbali

What we expect is human and capital development, be more committed into things that will provide jobs for the youth. There is no job in Rivers State as we speak, so government should diversify into agriculture and agro-businesses and industries that will proffer the solution to this problem where the youths are not working. They say the idle mind is the devil's workshop. The state government is trying but the state government can do better than this.

He Should Accept Constructive Criticism – Alphine Whyte

It's a new year (and) we expect the best from him (Governor Nyesom Wike). Leadership comes with a lot of challenges and for me by my faith I believe that there is no challenge that comes your way that God will not give you the ability to handle it. So he should be focused. He should ensure that the good works he has started he's able to complete it. Of course, the essence of opposition is to strengthen him, to guide him properly to let him know where he's going wrong and where he's not doing well. A dancer does not see his back, so I expect him in this Year 2020 to make sure the confidence Rivers people have placed in him should not be betrayed. He should not see criticisms as something that is bad. He should not be quick in making utterances, but he's a leader. He's a servant leader. He has come to serve the people and also to be in trust of leadership. So, of course, a man who is in trust (of leadership) should always expect to take the heat. The heat will come on him, but constructive criticism should enable him to bring about better development. So, the people of Rivers State will be expecting the best from him considering the present economic situation in the country where everyone is feeling the weight of it. He should do everything to ensure that the weight is not felt more than what we are feeling…. So, we expect the best from him.

There Should Be Turnaround In 2020 - Barrister Higher King

We should expect a turnaround. We should expect not what people call New Year Resolution. I don't believe in New Year resolution. I believe in taking action, making a statement. I believe in taking a decision … so, the state government should be able to make a decision of what it's pursuing this year. Is it pursuing infrastructural development? Is it pursuing road development? Is it pursuing human capital development? Is it pursuing youth development? What is it pursuing? I don't believe in taking up everything and ending up with nothing. What is the governor, the Nyesom Wike – led administration pursuing? He should be able to tell us, 'this is what I'm pursuing this year'… he should have a focus …what does it(the state government) want to achieve this year? Is it road? Is it power? Is it water? Is it employment? We should see things to be done this year, not just rhetoric, not just talking. We shouldn't hear them talking without action. There must be action. Whatever that was done last year must be improved upon this year. Rivers State should not remain the way it was after 31st December, 2019. Rivers State should move forward…We should see things done.

Peace And Development Are Paramount – His Highness Anabs Sara Igbe

We need peace and security. We need development. We also need understanding and cohesion of the people together. Paramountly, we need development across the state, not just parochial one.

Government Should Provide Potable Water, Light, And Construct Roads In Rural Areas – Stanley Job Stanley, R/S NUJ Chairman

We expect that the budget will be implemented to the letter. The people that represent us are the ones in the Assembly, if the people have passed the budget it means that they have spoken on our behalf and what we expect as a Rivers people is for the budget to be implemented. We expect much from the state government. If you ask me as an individual, I don't think that it is proper at this age and time that we still have communities that don't have road, don't have light, they don't have potable water. It's not something good for Rivers State because I think we have the resources to take care of those things. In the overall, the budget should be implemented to the letter. Those who speak for us in the Assembly have looked at it and have approved it so I want to believe that the way it's been approved that the budget will be implemented, at least if not 100% at least 80%.

Government Should Empower The Youth – Mrs Joy Jeremiah

What we expect the state government to do this New Year is first empowerment - to empower the youth, to give the youth skilled work (and) to employ them. There are many youth without job so state government should create room for them to be employed. Government should empower the youth with skill acquisition and give them cash at the end of the day to start their lives. After training them, government should empower the youth with little cash so that they will not be idle and the price of things should come down. Things are too expensive. People are not meeting up, especially their welfare.

The Government Should Promote Tourism - Uche Uhuegbu

What we are expecting from the Rivers State government is to put things in order and carry people along. There should be water, road and light and government should promote tourism. The state government should also provide markets and accommodation.