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PDP, Ready For 2019 Elections – Glory Emeh

...Banks On Gov Wike's Unprecedented Performance

...Calls For Support For Wike's Re-election

By Ken Asinobi and James Febebebo

As the countdown to the much expected 2019 General Elections gets underway, frontline politician and Special Adviser to the Governor of Rivers State on Political Matters and Strategy, Chief (Hon) Barrister Emeh Glory Emeh, has declared that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the State is all set to sweep the polls, come the D-day.

Speaking while fielding questions from journalists at his office in Port Harcourt on Tuesday, Chief Emeh who is the Deputy Director of the State PDP Campaign Council in charge of Information and Communication, said that the PDP has done marvelously well and deserves a landslide victory at the polls in the State.

He said that Governor Nyesom Wike had made judicious use of the mandate given him by Rivers people in 2015, adding that the Governor would be presenting an excellent report sheet to them as he seeks another term to complete all the good works he had started.

The Deputy Director of PDP Campaign Council said it has gone down in the history of Nigeria that an opposition Acting President came to Rivers State and x-raying the performance of the Governor, declared him 'Mr. Projects'.

“If there is any election that is very easy for Governor Wike to win, I think it is this 2019 General Elections.  The first time he came (2015), he made some promises.  But this time around, he is showing them evidence that he has truly kept all of those promises he made to them.

“This is unlike his opponents who are just telling Rivers people what they would do if they vote for them.  These are promises about a future that they do not yet know.  Wike has myriad of tangible things he has put on ground and the people have seen and appreciated them”, stated Emeh, a former Commissioner in the State.

Chief Emeh expressed confidence that all PDP candidates in the State would win their respective elections “with or without crisis in the opposition parties”.  He particularly singled out the All Progressives Congress which he dumped to return to the PDP.

“I saw the crisis in APC coming during my short stay there.  I didn't have difficulty in seeing that the party is not organized.  You need to have the right men and women with the right brains to have a correct political party.  It is like putting up a conglomerate, you have to have the right training and acumen to get it right in a political party.  APC is bereft of these qualities and this led to their downfall”, he said.

Emeh, popularly referred to as 'Political Strategist' said that Governor Wike had shown capacity within the short and very impressive period of four years.

“He has also shown that ability to perform should be the precondition for voting anybody into office.

“Prior before now, people bother about where one comes from.  Within this timeframe, Wike has reduced the age-long sentiment and acrimony of primordial considerations of where you come from. 

“Today we can beat our hands in our chest to say this is the first time in our state that we are having a Governor that is accepted and acceptable across the various ethnic divides in our State”, he said.

Chief Emeh averred that Governor Wike had used his short spell as Governor to cement the bond of fraternal coexistence through an all-inclusive pattern of governance, adding, “He has broken the barriers of what we used to know as ethnocentric separatism where people talk about upland, riverine dichotomy”.

The Emohua-born Chief reiterated his conviction that there is no alternative to Governor Wike in 2019.

“The Rivers Patriots in their last annual conference expressed support for Governor Wike.  There was no doubt in their communiqué that Rivers people have overwhelming trust in the Governor. 

“Similarly, the National Association of Rivers Daughters also came up with same opinion and even condemned the sale of Rivers assets by the Rotimi Amaechi administration to the Tonye Cole's companies.  They were very grateful to Wike for being so patriotic to appreciate that the commonwealth of our people should not be disposed in the manner that the last administration did”, he said.

The Deputy Director of the PDP Campaign Council advised people of the State to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner during the elections, adding that the Governor had been unequivocal in propagation of peace as panacea for smooth conduct of the elections.

“Not just by words of mouth, our Governor had been adjudged as Ambassador of Peace by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and based on his demeanor and performance, the Council of Chiefs also gave him 'The Pride of Rivers State', a title which none had had in the past.  All these preoccupies the Governor to ask the people to continue to live in peace with one another”, he said.