Make Women Empowerment Our Priority- Engr. Ebele

A leading philanthropist in Nigeria, Engr. Ufam Stella Munachisom Ebele has called on well meaning Nigerians and Government at all levels to make women empowerment their top priority.

Engr. Ufam Munachimso Ebele made this call over the weekend in a chat with newsmen in Port Harcourt.

According to her, we need to make women empowerment our top priority, we need to empower women. Women empowerment is very important or necessary. The empowerment of women is a sine-qua non in Africa. This is because on this continent women struggle a lot to make ends meet.

She pointed out that the official of National Directorate of Employment do not only have to focus on the employment of people but on the empowerment of women as well.

“The officials of National Directorate of Employment should not only focus on the employment of people but must also take the empowerment of women seriously.

“If our women are in empowered they will not have time to envy other women. If our women are adequately empowered it will reduce or limit the degree of infidelity. When a woman is empowered she will have no time to run after other people husbands or men. When a woman is empowered there will be no room for gossip. When a woman is empowered a lot will be achieved and she will be able to take care of her children. When a woman is empowered she will behave well. She will also know that there is labour in struggle. When a woman is empowered she will support her husband and children Engr. Ebele added Engr. Ebele who is the founder of Munachisom foundation maintained that we should not be talking about equality but humanity of both men and women.

Her words. “What we should be talking about is the humanity of men and women and not equality. This is because when you talk gender equality it brings about segregation and discrimination against one gender or the other. In fact, gender equality should be ruled out or jettisoned. She stated that gender balance requires political will by all from the highest level.

“Creating a gender responsive and equitable society require support from the highest level of Government at all tiers. Indeed, the commitment of gender mainstreaming as a development approach should inform the economic reform agenda in the country”.

On the 16 days of Activism against domestic violence Engr. Ebele went further; “There is no Act that is not in our constitution about domestic violence but the problem is about its enforcement or implementation. In fact, we have all types of legislation and human rights protection on domestic violence and gender based- violence but to use it to stop domestic violence is where the contradiction lies”. Therefore, to put an end to it depends on the way the individual handles it. It is the individual that has to block it. Nobody should accept domestic violence. The society should not also accept domestic violence. Another approach to domestic violence is wisdom, understanding, strength of character and patience and above all it is important to discern and observe when domestic violence begins to occur at home and elsewhere and say no to it.

In fact, there should be a grasp of what domestic violence is all about,” Engr. Ebele asserted.

The philanthropist maintained that we can stop gender based- violence by educating our male children early in life at home.

She promise to continue to assist the less privilege in society, especially the orphans and vulnerable children.

She also assured to work closely with other NGOs such as Riv Ethics.


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