Let’s Try Woman As President, Akarolo Tells Nigerians

With the United States of America electing its first female Vice President-elect in the person of Kamala Harris, a second republic lawmaker, Chief Anthony Akarolo has said the time has come for a female to lead the country.

Akarolo who is the paramount ruler of Elekahia Community in Port Harcourt City Local Government Area (PHALGA) and Amangada XI of Rebisi Kingdom, made this known in a chat with journalists in Port Harcourt, Monday.

According to him, Nigeria needs a woman to lead the country, adding that woman have come of age, having, as he put it metamorphosed from strength to strength.

He noted that since power is not given, women should work very hard to grab power and seat from their male counterpart.

The Elekahia monarch urged the new breed politicians not to be selfish, adding that politics is an opportunity to serve the people and not an opportunity to steal and embezzle public fund.

The monarch told the ruling class that they can only be remembered by the legacy they leave behind and the value they add on peoples’ lives.

“As a leader, you can only be remembered by the legacies you leave behind and the values you add on people’s lives,”, Chief Akarolo emphasized, even as he urged leaders to give the masses a sense of belonging as well as focus on their socio-economic needs and benefits.

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