Herdsmen’s Terrorism And Biblical  References In  Genesis

I would not have known it until I came across Genesis Chapter 13 verse 7 wherein it was stated: “And there was strife between the herdsmen of Abraham’s livestock and the herdsmen of Lot’s livestock.”

This Biblical verse did not mince words in exposing herdsmen as terrorists who foment troubles and strife.  And it is really sad that the first mention of herdsmen in the Bible was for contention and strife.

You could see that their deeply entrenched hostility led to the abrupt separation between Abraham and Lot.

Having read and absorbed this portion of the Bible, the amorphous group called the Fulani herdsmen who have been killing, maiming and destroying the property of Nigerians could be said to be practicing the handiwork of their forebears who ignored  God’s instruction on non- violence and unleashed terror in history, causing the separation of God’s cherished children, Abraham and Lot.

The Bible made it clear that their cancerous nature do not allow them to tolerate a peaceful and harmonious environment or atmosphere around them. Terror and mayhem are their daily delight. Where there is no disorder and destruction of life and property, they will not make profit. In order words, trouble and war are their daily bread and second nature.

Also, in Genesis Chapter26 verse 20, we see a similar display of uncontrollable fury and agitation between the herdsmen of Gerar with that of Isaac.

Land, livestock and farm produce are always their object of contention. They are never satisfied with the portion they have. Greed, jealously and covetousness, leading to brutality, are commonly identified with the ancient and modern herdsmen alike. A nation or environment bedeviled with the notorious activities of these bloodletting raiders will require the great deliverance of God to be free from them.

But in our own case, they will fail woefully in their penchant to grab people’s land and property. God’s people, especially those of Eastern extraction will do everything within their power to resist them. The people must protect and preserve their land and property against the invaders.

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