RIVPA Congratulates New Rivers  NUJ Exco

The Rivers State Independent Publishers Association (RIVPA) has felicitated with the newly elected state executive council, Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Rivers State led by Comrade Stanley Job Stanley.

RIVPA in a statement signed by its chairman, Pastor Jerry Needam on behalf of all the private media operating in the State and their editorial staff, said they share in the infectious joy and wide celebrations that greeted the emergence of the New Exco after four failed previous attempts to get the election process underway.

“Our immense gratitude also goes to the Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Communications, and former State Chairman of the Council, Pastor Paulinus Nsirim whose timely intervention to broker peace between the warrying factions helped the process to succeed.

“Also not left out are the most respected elders of the council, Rt. Hon. Ogbonna Nwuke, former Commissioner for Information and Communications, Elder Ignatius Chukwu and the national Vice President, Zone F of NUJ, our very own Opaka Dakubo for the prominent role they played in bringing peace and reconciliation among the gladiators.

“It must however be pointed out that in the election there were no real winners or losers. The only winner is the NUJ Rivers State Council.

We therefore wish to advise that all the differences and seeming bad blood generated during the initial stage of the election process be put behind and a new relationship rooted in brotherhood, one profession, one union be the commanding and propelling force for the welfare and happiness of the greater majority of all our members in the Pen Fraternity.

And to all practicing journalists in the private media, this is the time to get up and be alive to your pride of place and superior status as the Gramour-bearers of all journalists not only in Rivers State or Nigeria but anywhere in the world.

Never again will you be taken for granted by those that ride and survive on your very own goodwill and professional skills as the purveyors of hard facts and watchdog of the society.

It’s painful to have the hen that lays the golden egg derided, insulted and disenfranchised not realizing that what makes the battlefield is the soldiers and not the bush.

Let it also be pointed out that no one is to blame for this misnomer for “no one will say there you are, except you say here I am”.

We however, thank God that the incidents that threatened the success of the election have left some good lessons for all journalists in the State as well as all prospective aspirants to NUJ leadership in future.

At least, we have learnt that never again will anybody or group no matter how few or small be taken for granted.

Everybody matters in the pursuit of our collective welfare: The Exco, the opponents, the larger chapels, the smaller chapels, the print, the electronic, the active, the armchair, etc.

Once again, congratulations and to God be the glory.


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