Arrest APC Leaders Behind Opobo Fracas, Commissioner for Information Appeals To Police

Despite the lies being peddled by elements of the APC, what happened in Opobo today is as clear as it can be.

APC leaders decided to confront the Rivers state Government by not complying with relevant laws that prescribe conditions for holding open rallies in government facilities.

This behaviour is apparently in fulfillment of their repeated boast that they will disobey the laws of the state and nothing will happen. 

They neither applied nor paid the prescribed fees in other to hold their rally.

When officials of the Local Government Council tried to stop them from using government facilities without permission, the APC members not only resisted but launched full scale attacks on the officials which culminated in the violence that happened in Opobo town on tuesday, something that have never happened before.

Security agents cannot feign ignorance of APC leaders who masterminded that dastardly action in Opobo and they must be arrested immediately and prosecuted accordingly.

Same for the policemen on escort duty who really lent themselves and their arms to what happened by shooting at innocent people.

Let me say it again that the APC leaders behind the fracas in Opobo must provide valid evidence that their party applied, got permission and paid the necessary fees to hold any rally on any government facility in Opobo on tuesday morning before erecting their canopies and other requisites.

Chris Finebone

Hon. Commissioner for Information

& Communications, Rivers State.

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