Pope Francis Plans To Induct 21 New Cardinals

Pope Francis on Sunday announced planned induction of 21 churchmen to the high rank of cardinal in September.

The Archbishops shortlisted to become cardinals include;

1 – Archbishop Robert Prevost, American, Vatican official, head of the Dicastery for Bishops

2 – Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti, Italian, Vatican official, head of the Dicastery for the Eastern Churches

3 – Archbishop Víctor Fernández, Argentine, Vatican official, head of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith

4 – Archbishop Emil Tscherrig, Swiss, Vatican ambassador to Italy

5 – Archbishop Christophe Pierre, French, Vatican ambassador to the United States

6 – Archbishop Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Italian, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem

7 – Archbishop Stephen Brislin, South African, Archbishop of Cape Town

8 – Archbishop Ángel Rossi, Argentine, Archbishop of Córdoba

9 – Archbishop Luis Aparicio, Colombian, Archbishop of Bogotá

10 – Archbishop Grzegorz Ryś, Polish, Archbishop of Lodz

11 – Archbishop Stephen Mulla, Sudanese, Archbishop of Juba, South Sudan

12 – Archbishop José Cano, Spanish, Archbishop of Madrid

13 – Archbishop Protase Rugambwa, Tanzanian, Archbishop of Tabora

14 – Bishop Sebastian Francis, Malaysian, Bishop of Penang

15 – Bishop Stephen Chow Sau-Yan, Bishop of Hong Kong

16 – Archbishop François-Xavier Bustillo, Spanish-French, Bishop of Ajaccio, Corsica.

17 – Bishop Américo Alves Aguiar, Portuguese, Auxiliary Bishop of Lisbon

18 – Father Ángel Fernández Artime, Spanish, head of the Salesian order

19 – Archbishop Agostino Marchetto, Italian, former Vatican diplomat

20 – Archbishop Diego Padrón Sánchez, Venezuelan, Archbishop Emeritus of Cumaná.

21- Father Luis Dri, Argentine priest

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