We’ve Exceeded UNEP’s Recommendations, Says HYPREP Co-ordinator

*Board Chairman, Dr. Mike Nwielaghi Affirms Excellent Work So Far By HYPREP

The Projects Coordinator of the Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Projects (HYPREP), Prof. Nanibarini  Zabbey has explained the difficulty of rating the current performance of the agency agency in its determined quest to remediate the pollution that ravaged Ogoni land.

Prof. Zabbey who disclosed this at the end of a 4-day tour of HYPREP’S facilities in Ogoni land on Thursday, said such assessment was difficult as HYPREP has surpassed the recommendations set forth by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

He explained that the progress achieved so far in the environmental restoration efforts has exceeded even the most ambitious targets laid out by the renowned international body.

With an air of pride, Prof Zabbey elaborated on the significant strides made in environmental remediation, emphasizing that HYPREP’s commitment to restoring the region’s ecosystem has been unwavering.

“It’s pretty difficult to base our judgment solely on the UNEP report because we are talking about people and environment. These two variables are not static”, he said.

The Projects Coordinator noted that beyond remediating the environment and building a Center of Excellence which UNEP recommended, HYPREP is presently building a 100-bed Specialist Hospital as well as providing sustainable power in Ogoni land, stressing that power would transform the economy of Ogoni people.

It is going to support small and medium enterprises”, insisting that these were beyond the scope of what UNEP recommended.

Prof. Zabbey further asserted that these milestones are not only a testament to HYPREP’s dedication but also to the collective will of the communities affected by the environmental degradation.

“The active participation and support from HYPREP’S Board of Trustees, Governing Council and local communities have been instrumental in achieving this remarkable feat”, he said.

The Projects Coordinator expressed his gratitude to the hardworking team of scientists, engineers, and community volunteers whose relentless efforts have made this progress possible.

Earlier in his speech, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ogoni Trust Fund, Dr. Mike Nwielaghi described the tour as fruitful, adding that it is the policy of HYPREP to undergo periodic visits to project sites to ascertain the level of work.

He expressed gratitude with the office of the Project Coordinator for the marvelous works going on at the Remediation Sites, particularly the reticulated water projects that are ready and serving some communities in Ogoniland.

The BOT Chairman reiterated that his team was in custody of projects fund, and appealed to contractors to do the needful and deliver on schedules, even as he commended the PC’s office for job well done and urged them to keep up the tempo.

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