Wike Approves Contract For Seventh Flyover In PH

Rivers State Government has approved a contract for the construction of a sixth flyover bridge to ease traffic congestion in Port Harcourt.

This new flyover located at the Kaduna Street Junction of Aba Road, is expected to change the aesthetics of Port Harcourt and boost economic activities of the State.

The Commissioner of Works, Eloka Tasie-Amadi said the decision to approve contract for the sixth flyover was taken during the State Executive Council meeting in Port Harcourt on Friday.

“The Rivers State Executive Council presided over by His Excellency, the Governor of Rivers State, has approved a contract for the construction of a flyover at the Kaduna Street junction of Aba Road in Port Harcourt and also approved the award of the contract to Messer Julius Berger.

“The construction will involve a bridge of 593 meters and service lanes of about 770 meters. The reason behind this is that you will observe that the bridge (at Kaduna Street Junction) is a two lane bridge. And we are going to make it a four lane bridge, dual carriage.”

Tasie-Amadi explained that by the time on going construction work on the Rumuogba, GRA junction and Rumuola flyovers are completed, all other bridges on Aba Road will be four lanes (dual carriage) with additional four lanes on the ground. To this end, he said leaving the Kaduna Street junction bridge as it will create a bottleneck, considering the free flow of traffic from the Rebisi Flyover.

“We, also recognise that there are implications when you have broken down vehicle on that bridge and possible security challenge when you have a broken down vehicle at night. So, these are the reasons why the Executive Council took this decision. We have also chosen Julius Berger to do the construction because of their track record as evidence from the recently commissioned Rebisi Flyover and the projects they are handling at the moment.”

The Commissioner of Works said Kaduna Street Junction flyover project will be completed in under 12 months.

In same vein, Commissioner of Information and Communications, Paulinus Nsirim, said the approval by the State Executive Council demonstrates a robust commitment to the urban renewal vision of Governor Wike’s administration.

“This new flyover will also beautify the city; the aesthetics will change, economic activities will also get a boost. We have seen this kind of passionate commitment to restore Port Harcourt to its Garden City status. At a time when governance has shutdown in various states of the federation because of COVID-19, the visionary government led by His Excellency, Nyesom Wike is still rolling out projects.

“This kind of development we are seeing in the State is a pointer to the service delivery and the commitment of His Excellency to ensure that social contract he has with Rivers State people is not affected by the economic downturn in the country.”

Nsirim maintained that the incumbent Rivers State government has continued to change the narrative about governance and striving assiduously to make Rivers State a model.

He said the Governor at the inception of his administration had clearly said he would ensure that Rivers State becomes a destination of choice for investors. According to him, what is happening within the state capital at this point in history is a  confirmation that Rivers State, particularly, Port Harcourt, will become investors choice in years to come.

“Our appeal to citizens of the State is that the time has come to rally round this administration; shun distractors of government, shun those who are out to de-market the State.

It is time to be united as a people and then come together to work with this visionary government to ensure that the purpose, the New Vision blueprint as enunciated since 2015 comes to fruition as has been articulated.”

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