I’ll Preserve MOSOP’s Integrity – Nsuke

President of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), Fegalo Nsuke, has pledged to preserve the integrity of MOSOP. In his speech to mark two years after his election as president of MOSOP, Nsuke said he will abide by the organisation’s constitution and conduct elections to usher in a new leadership in 2021.

Recall that Fegalo Nsuke was elected president of MOSOP on December 19, 2018 at an election in which he defeated former coordinator of MOSOP in London, Lazarus Tamana.

He advised all those who seek to lead the organisation to conduct themselves credibly and avoid mischief. Nsuke said the idea of plotting how to generate internal crises in Ogoni is wasteful and very degrading. He further noted that the MOSOP presidency is not a vocation and those who aspire for the position must conduct themselves credibly to be trusted with the responsibilities of the office.

“MOSOP cannot serve personal interests and so if anybody would think that MOSOP can be a retirement home, he needs to think again. I am sure the thinking of some people was that the presidency of MOSOP is a vocation but by now, I believe they should understand the truth that MOSOP is not a vocation but a movement to change the Ogoni story and bring about a new era of happiness and that is exactly our drive at the moment which we are implementing through the operations of the Ogoni Development Authority”

“It is unfortunate that while people are leaving Nigeria to London, those who have lived in London for over 40years are coming back home to display high levels of ineptitude. Let them understand that the presidency of MOSOP cannot be gotten through dubious means. MOSOP has its own constitution which guides its business. It is not the people that guides the constitution, rather, it is the constitution that guides people” he said.

The MOSOP leader noted that Ogoni is moving forward and cannot be dissuaded by efforts of those seeking to enrich themselves and use falsehood to cause mischief.

He urged Ogoni youths not to follow the steps of law breakers and indecency noting that the time for change has come and the focus should be to work with the current leadership to push forward its development initiatives, change the narrative, and enthrone a new era of opportunities for Ogoni youths and all Ogoni people.

“I am aware of some fraudulent scholarship and loan forms being circulated by mischief makers. I will expect Ogoni youths to be wise to understand that strange things will appear when people are desperate to deceive and they should not be distracted by those deceits”

Finally, Nsuke advised those who lost in the last elections to prepare for the next elections in 2021 rather than seek to destroy the peace and current progress being made in a struggle which has cost the Ogoni people so much to build.

“The fact is that an organisation that fights injustice cannot itself promote injustice in its own house. If it does, then it would have lost its very essence. I will advise those who lost in the last elections to prepare for elections in the coming year rather than waste their time on fruitless efforts to breach the peace in the organisation” Nsuke said.


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