Women Aspiring For Leadership Position Must Show Capacity – Banigo

Rivers State Deputy Governor Dr. Mrs. Ipalibo Harry says women aspiring to occupy leadership positions must show capacity.

Dr. Banigo stated this while playing host to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ward Women Leaders at Government House in Port Harcourt on Tuesday, 15th December, 2020.

According to the Dr. Banigo “we must encourage women to be politically active at their Local level, let them do something to show that they have capacity. Is not just to go and pick somebody, let it be that their works will speak for them. It is not always about money but character, how they go about in their wards matters, some of their homes are scattered. If you cannot keep your home is it your LGA you will be able to keep, so these are the reasons the women must show capacity”. Dr. Banigo quipped.

The Deputy Governor said “Governor Wike is a gender friendly Governor, but at the same time he does not like lazy women and women who are always demanding things. He does not like women who are insatiable when it comes to funds”.

Dr. Banigo who expressed delight that the PDP Ward Women Leaders were bringing more members into the party, said “it is not only to bring in members, but members that will stand with you through thick and thin at the end of the day, because, they are convinced that where they are going is the right way to go”.

The Deputy Governor who assured the women that the Wike Led Administration is interested in women development said “in any way we can assist them we will do that, for traders also, I have been giving assistance to them, especially women in business, I do it all the time and I thank God some of them are using it positively we will continue to try our best.” Deputy Governor stressed.

In her speech the leader of the delegation Stella Good Head, informed the Deputy Governor that they were at the Government House to identify with her as the Mother of the Local Government Area, and also introduce themselves as women who would be eyes and mouth piece of the PDP in the 17 Wards of Delga.

According to her, within the short period of their assumption of office hundreds of women have joined the PDP from other Political Parties, especially the APC, adding that the PDP would have a land slide victory, in the upcoming 2021 Local Government Polls as well as the 2023 General Elections.

Highlight of the visit was the conferment of an award “Mother Per Excellence” by the Women.


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