Rivers People, Residents Speak On Expectations For New Year, 2023

I Want Rivers State Governor, Chief Nyesom Wike, To Run For President In 2023 – Vitalis Ezenwa Njoku

I expect a peaceful country (in 2023). I expect an improvement in the security architecture, the security of the country. I expect an improvement in the finances, in the health sector, in every aspect of the country, in development of areas especially the South-East and South-South which is underdeveloped. I prefer the present Rivers State governor, Ezebuwon Nyesom Wike, to run for President. He’s my candidate. He’s a wonderful man.

Things Are Difficult So We Need Good Leaders – Omodu Ann

Omodu Ann

My expectation for this New Year is to have the good things of God come to pass in my life and in Nigeria. We pray that we have good governors that will govern the states well and a President that will do the wish of Nigerians. We are looking for leaders that will give jobs for the youths. Things are so difficult so we want good leaders who will lead us in a good way.

We Should Change From Our Old Ways And Chart New Course For Nigeria – Hon Aye Pepple

Hon Aye Pepple

The federal government should double their effort and ensure that the citizens are secured. The primary aim of government is for the welfare and well-being of citizens so they should just concentrate on the primary aim of government to secure us first and then every other thing will follow. There’s no way the economy will improve once there’s insecurity. So insecurity was a very big challenge last year. We do sincerely hope that things will get better in 2022. For my expectations next year over the general elections, well, nothing has really changed. You can see the controversy concerning the amendment to the electoral bill so nothing has really changed. Nigeria is still Nigeria. So there won’t be much difference between the last election and the forthcoming one except again we change from our old ways and try to chart a new course for the country. Everything is still everything.

The Government In Power Should Not Oppress Opposition Parties – Okorie



Let there be smooth and fair election. Let the government allow people to vote for those they want who can move the country forward. Government should also allow parties to come out and do what they want in election day. There’s poverty in the country and people are not enjoying the government. For the presidential election, they should allow people like Peter Obi to come and contest. From the South-West people like Tinubu can come and contest to prove himself.

I Expect Improvement In Lives Of Nigerians – Mr Pope Chinda

Mr Pepple Chinda

I think this year will be better than last year. What we are expecting is that since this year and next year are electoral year, things will continue unfolding and things will start getting better for the country in the economic area. For the general elections we don’t have anything to say about it until when we are done with our primaries.

Before Leaving Office, Politicians Should Do Their Best For The People – Gbenga Tella 

Gbenga Tella

This New Year I need God to help this country because we went through hell last year and I believe that things should get better if our government are sincere in their way of doing business. I believe the federal government and the state governments should harmonize their intentions so that the masses will not suffer. I pray the politicians generally in government should repent and at least do their best before they leave office so that Nigerians can live good lives because it had been so bad. For the general elections I look forward to someone who will redeem this country. If (President) Buhari is sincere he should help us and give us somebody that the whole Nigeria will sing as we did in the time of Abiola. Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike, has the qualities and mandate to run for President and if he wants to run as a Niger Deltan, as a Southerner I will vote for him.   

I Want 2023 General Elections To Be Peaceful – Gilbert Orji      

Gilbert Orji

We hope that things would work for the betterment of this country because God is in charge. He’s the one that knows everything and he will not allow Nigeria to fail and so for this year which will lead us to the next year for the election I would think that things will work, God will take care and he will take charge. The elections by the grace of God is going to be peaceful. I hope it’s going to be peaceful because nobody gains anything under a chaos situation and I believe that by the time the election takes place things would work out fine.

We Want Good Economy – Barrister Faith Morris Ekine  

The only thing I’m just expecting is that I just want the country to be good. I want the economy to be fine. I want everything that has gone up – the dollar rate to naira rate – to come down. I just want Nigeria to be at peace. Let there be free and fair elections  and for the right leaders to be in position.

We Want Peace In Nigeria – Ekpo

My expectation for this country this New Year is that I just pray that everything would be peaceful whether election or any other thing. I just pray for peace upon Nigeria. I don’t care where a leader comes from but God should help him turn the situation of Nigeria around.

Our Leaders Have Failed Us But We Need Good Leaders – John Igbos 

We need peace in our country. Our leaders have failed us. We don’t have good leaders. They are not after us. They are after their families.

Politicians Should Keep Campaign Promises – Oluo Godwin

Oluo Godwin

My expectation in this New Year is that let our politicians look into the masses because they are suffering. There’s no money because they are the ones to release money but they are not releasing so people are suffering. I am begging them that they should not allow what happened last year to happen this year. My expectation this year is that things should be better. Let the prices of essential items be reduced. So the politicians should help the masses. Anyone who makes promise should fulfil his promise. If they do that there will be no problem and I’m expecting free and fair election next year.

Our Leaders Should Remember The Masses – Onyebuchi Anyigor 

Only politicians are enjoying while the masses suffer. People have no food to eat. Our leaders should remember us so that things will be easy in the country.

Personally I Want Governor Nyesom Wike To Run For President – Christiana Oluwole

We need good government that will lead us well. By the time we have a good government everything will be going well. Personally I would want Governor Nyesom Wike to run for President in 2023.

Those Who Have Not Been In Government Should Have Opportunity To Serve – Pastor Innocent Machi 

Pastor Innocent Machi

The cost of living is so high. Since this administration things have been so difficult if only another party will take over in next election that’s when we may expect something different but for now everybody is suffering. People are looking for a way to move out of the country. I expect that elections will likely take place but I know it’s still the same politicians and there may be no change because it’s still the same people. They don’t give any new person chance to come in. It’s still the old people that are rotating from one party to another, from one position to another. So election may take place but there may be no change in the country.

Government Should End Vote-Buying – George Owhonda Chinda

George Owhonda Chinda

Well, I’m being optimistic here. Like most Nigerians we expect things to be better. Nigerians in recent time have not found it easy. People have suffered a lot. Our expectation is that the federal government alongside the state and local governments should work together and ensure that they put things aright for Nigerians. Nigerians are the most peaceful people. We have suffered so the government should do something to ensure that things get better. Election comes every four years. The last one was not that better considering the one before so for this one we are expecting a far more better elections. We expect that INEC will come up with procedures and ways to better the elections. There are so many challenges when it comes to election in Nigeria. Poverty is one of those challenges that lead to vote buying. If the government can fix things to ensure that people can get something doing, it will be difficult for politicians  and their agents to buy votes from the electorate, but when there’s widespread poverty in the land it will be easier.

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