Niger Delta Reporter Launches App, Niger Delta Annual Carnival

A new newspaper outfit with focus on Niger Delta, Niger Delta Reporter is set to launch an electronic App, the Niger Delta Unity App.  The newspaper is also billed to unveil the Niger Delta Carnival.

Described as a one-stop technological platform, the App would present the rich cultural and historic socio-economic potentials of the Niger Delta Region comprising of Abia, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross Rivers, Delta, Edo, Rivers, Ondo, and Imo State.

Speaking to journalist about the two programmes on behalf of the Board and Management of the Niger Delta Reporter Newspaper, the Publisher/ CEO, Hon. Felix Tolorunju Idowu described the mobile application as inspirational, creative and innovative concept, stating that the App is downloadable on Google Play Store and IOS.

According to the CEO, the launching and unveiling of the two programmes are expected to be done in March 2022 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

He said it grants users access to socio-economic developments of the various nine state governments that make up the Niger Delta region.

How words, “It’s our utmost belief that the Niger Delta Unity App and the Carnival will open another vista of economic activities for the region, as we will be networking with countries that have distinguished themselves in carnival affairs. This Carnival will open the Niger Delta region to the great continents of the world, as we will use it to let investors know that our region is now a safe haven for investors against the backdrops of negative local and International press portraying the region”.

The Publisher explained that the organization was consulting with the Nine Niger Delta states to be fully involved in the Carnival as well as the Niger Delta Unity App saying; “We have secured strong synergy with NDDC, Presidential Amnesty Program, to mention but a few Agencies and other Stakeholders in the Region”.

Idowu added: “We are looking forward, in the near future to announcing the first Niger Delta State that will be hosting this momentous and historic event on behalf of the region, the Niger Delta Carnival 2022. The chosen state will serve as a host and hub of the entire Niger Delta Region, including our foreign delegates, as we have an opening with over 20 countries that can explore the platform this Carnival is providing for stronger socio-economic linkages.

“We have no doubt in our minds that these two flagship programs: the Niger Delta Unity App and Niger Delta Carnival 2022 will put the Region on a positive global map as the carnival will be held annually and rotated among the Niger Delta States, respectively. Surely, its value for the Region will bring a quantum leap to the economy of the entertainment and hospitality industry and improve the tourism potentials within the Region.

He further explained that invitations have been extended to various state governments, MDAs, local and multinational oil and gas industries, entertainment industries, corporate organizations, friends, and well-wishers of the Niger Delta to key into these programmes as they have the potential to reorient and empower the youths, improve on the quality of education, facilitate skills development, and enhance the living condition of Niger Deltans.

“Consequently, the programmes provide the opportunity for fun, entertainment that makes the region an ideal holiday destination for local and international audiences whiles promoting peace, unity, and progress of the region.

“Niger Delta Region has unique stories and potentials and the Niger Delta Unity App and the Carnival is the choice platform fortelling these unique stories and showcasing of these potentials to the world”, he stated.

The user-friendly Unity App has been beautifully designed with rich content that covers politics and governance, Corporate organizations, Development of Niger Delta Region, Governors of Niger Delta scorecards, NDDC, Presidential Amnesty Program, Nigeria Local Content, activities in the region, Industries, Businesses, and the News events within the Region amongst others.

On the Niger Delta Carnival, the CEO described the event is a socio-cultural tourism, designed to unify and showcase the beauty of the entire region, to inspire a new generation of change agents, and to entrench the culture of peaceful coexistence for the sustainable development of the region that is presently contributing the most to Nigeria’s economy.

Both the Unity App and the Carnival present a unique platform to unify the strength of the component states for the development of her people as well as draw the active attention of the government to the region’s challenges which have gone beyond oil spillage and environmental pollutions to the loss of jobs and livelihood of the lovely people of the region.


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