Jasper Jumbo Dismisses Allegation Of Impersonation As False, Unfounded

The national chairman/leader of Host Communities of Nigeria Producing Oil and Gas (HOSCON), Chief Prof. Jasper F. Jumbo says there is no iota of truth in the allegation published against him in some section of the media by one Sanipe Watson Ibinabobo and a few others.

Prof. Jumbo while speaking to newsmen in his Port Harcourt residence said the comments made in the publication are ridiculous a cheap blackmail and unfounded.  He said all they stated in the publication were lies but for the fact that they associated his name with impersonation and fraud over the certificate of incorporation, he had to respond to put the facts straight also mindful that the matter is before Court and is yet unresolved.

He said it is prejudicial to discuss a matter pending before a competent court of jurisdiction let alone discussing such on the pages of newspaper. “As a man of integrity, I will not go into that”, Chief Jumbo declared.

He said until the court passes a verdict on the issue of the certificate of incorporation either HOSCON or HOSTCOM cannot lay claim to it.

“HOSCON certificate 23281 is in dispute and before the Federal High Court in Abuja where the former Governor, HRM, King Diette Spiff and Prince Mike Emuh are accusing King Edmund Dakouru and Chief Benjamin style and others of certificate forgery,” he explained.

According to him, the alleged letter on the presidency letter head signed by one Joseph Oluwole Samuel, director (political research and constitutional matters) was a paid propaganda by his distracters, employing all manner of techniques to diminish his reputation and misrepresent him person, service and integrity.

Prof. Chief Jasper Jumbo stated that the letter they claimed came from the presidency was originally signed by them.

On the issue of his chairmanship of HOSCON, Prof. Jumbo said he was duly elected as the chairman of HOSCON in the presence of security agencies and top federal government validating officials on a fact-finding visitation to the 2022 HOSCON Annual Conference.

The Bonny High Chief said he has not and will never do anything outside the collective agreement and interest of the HOSCON. “I have served Nigeria’s Host Communities Producing Oil and Gas for 43 years all of them with visible records of accomplishment, serving selflessly with my hard earned money, God given intelligence that have benefited our people and so none of them has the locus, not to talk of people of yesterday to start questioning either my integrity or my service for the benefit of the people,” he justified.

He urged the public to disregard the said publication, insisting it came from the pit of hell, and should be discountenanced intoto.


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