Motivational Speaker Shares Gambling Experience

…Advises Youths To Steer Clear

A motivational speaker, inspirational writer and author, ThankGod Chimenem Wanyanwu has advised the 21st century youths to shun gambling, describing it as a destructive lifestyle.

Wanyanwu who gave his advice while sharing his experiences in gambling in an interview with Royalty Media said the youths should embrace the positive aspects of information and digitable knowledge as opposed to meddling on the wrong information, which he opines had devastating consequences on their future.

He warns on the dangers of amassing wealth at all cost by killing somebody or spilling blood to make money, stressing that if the youths worked hard, stay consistent and be patient, their efforts would be crowned with success.

“The 21st century is information and digital knowledge era. But sadly some youth, dwell and meddle more on the wrong information which has devastating consequences on their future.  Many youths in this century are only interested in getting result without examination, amassing wealth at any cost whether it means killing somebody or spilling blood to make money, they don’t care, easily influenced negatively by peer pressure you hear them saying: my mates are married, my mate has this car or house and therefore I must get my own but refuse to acknowledge that some of their mates are also lying 6 feet in the graveyard as a result of one thing or the other. Life is not a competition but an expressway and overtaking is allowed. A wise man once said and I quote “Results happen overtime, not over night. Work hard, stay consistent and be patient for your time will surely come” the young author admonished.

Stating that over 60million Nigerians within the ages of 18 to 60 were into gambling, the Rukpokwu born motivational speaker and role model, described gambling as a chronic cancer, which spreads its roots deep and wide and ruins the gambler’s complete life, including mental peace, financial state and family life.

To impress upon youths the dangers of gambling Wanganwu narrated his own experience of gambling while in college at an Indian University.

Hear him: “I grew up not liking soccer until the year 2014 when I was in college at Mahatma Gandhi University, India. I thought I had discovered my true potential immediately I developed interest in soccer, because I was able to predict score lines (CS) and they turned out exactly as I had predicted. I always send weekend predictions to my fan-base group on social media and the results were amazingly true for them. It made me full of myself and I thought it is my true talent, then I started gambling in naïveté with my pocket money and feeding money that would have been used for other meaningful ventures. Soon, I became addicted to gambling and daily football betting. I lost interest in my spiritual activities because I was focused on this evil scheme that almost took my life but for the grace of God.”

The information technology expert stressed that gambling had taken the lives of many youths, giving an example with the recent case of a young graduate (name withheld) who set himself ablaze with fuel after wasting so much money in gambling and could not stand the pressure and consequences of his lifestyle according to his suicide note. “His death shattered the hopes of his parents,” he lamented stressing that this was one among many cases in the society due to gambling addiction.

Author Wanyanwu disclosed that he made a u-turn from gambling when he encountered Jesus Christ in 2016 who opened his eyes to the dangers of the trade.

He stressed that gambling is not handiwork, nor talent or skill, describing it as fake potential that is unchristian.

He urged the 21st century youths to embrace a lifestyle that pleased God, that bears good fruits and dedicate their lives to knowing God.

The well respected Rukpokwu indigene advised youths to make a living by becoming a lesson teacher, selling artistic work, being a service provider (freelancer) being digital producer, a blogger, being a shareholder in a company, becoming a forex trader and investor, and becoming talent hunter by learning handiwork.

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