My Response To Ijuye’s Telescopic Attack On Me, Replies Doris Cowan

I don’t know whose payroll you now are on. It used to be Dumo Lulu Briggs but you clearly have new Sponsors.

Please note that I stand by everything I have said. You cannot intimidate me.

In my first post, I stated that as long as a King is involved in the process of honoring a non Kalabari, it is Kosher.

That is true. An honor is not necessarily a Chieftaincy title.

I truly never thought that a Chieftaincy was ever on the cards for Abalama.

Remember that the planning of this event was clandestine and the plot was only revealed to us non collaborators when we arrived Abalama.

Nothing would have convinced me that any Kalabari person would conceive the idea of conferring a Chieftaincy title to a non Kalabari.

I still maintain that the said organizers scammed the Governor for their political gain.

If Kalabari wants to change the age-old tradition of not conferring Chieftaincy titles to non Kalabaris, it can only be done by Da Amachree. Amayanabo of Kalabari.

King Gbobo Disrael Bob-Manuel is king of only Abonnema, not Kalabari.

He superintendents only over affairs of Abonnema, not Kalabari.

Danagogo was the Chief convener of that reception and selected a few Abonnema and Abalama people to carry out this disgraceful act.

He excluded even current office holders at the State and Federal level.

Danagogo’s plan was to be the lone star in Kalabari to attract the position of Kalabari Governor.


It won’t work!

You are right Ijuye, I went to Abalama, dressed to the “nines”, as usual.

Everyone knows that I am endowed with exceptional beauty and grace. It is my God given gift. I stand out everywhere I go, even outside Rivers State.

They call it “Grace”!

You are also right that I was not allowed to speak and was left in the scorching sun for close to two hours waiting to speak, but was disregarded and disallowed to speak by Alaba’s cronies, even though I was directed to speak,  against my will, by a high ranking member of government.

You all keep forgetting that I am also in government as Chairman Port Harcourt Water Corporation.

Was I not entitled to be consulted on matters concerning my homeland?

What is Alaba afraid of?

Let me state that for a woman of my stature to be deceived and kept waiting in the sun for two hours should be your shame, Ijuye. How many of my type do you know.

Since you don’t know me, I will forward you my CV for starters!

That I was disallowed speaking after a high-ranking government official had insisted that I speak, against my wish, confirms Danagogo’s desperation to deny Kalabaris, not selected by him, to shine, because I always shine. It is my God given gift!

Do not think that it was the reason for my annoyance, because small minded people like you would have died of shame.I’m a very confident and self-assured woman. I am complete. I have nothing to be ashamed of!

I also maintain that I will stand by Wike’s choice of Governor. I trust him and his judgement for the future of Rivers State than I do you and your Sponsors.

However, put me aside, let us address more pressing matters that I observed in Abalama.

I saw more things worth drawing people’s attention to than what you perceive as the reason for my outburst!

– I saw the attempt by mediocre people to misrepresent Kalabari by conscripting their likes to carry out a fraud by attempting to confer a Chieftaincy title to a non Kalabari.

– I saw a deliberate attempt to disgrace and denigrate a sitting Governor who also happens to be my friend.

– I saw clearly the reason for the charade called a Kalabari reception.

– I saw that Danagogo was desperately campaigning for Governor and once again, as is characteristic of Kalabari, I saw balkanization of the rest of Kalabari to achieve his selfish singular goal.

-I also saw that Kalabari is still not ready for Governorship. We are more divided than ever before.

We are ready to destroy ourselves to stand alone. We cannot even pretend by bringing everybody together while still pursuing our agenda.

I maintain that the organizers are juvenile, neophytes and Clowns and state categorically that Governorship will elude them. 

God will not allow such evil people to rule us in any capacity.

In Kalabari culture, an Abonnema king cannot confer a Kalabari Chieftaincy title to a Kalabari, not to talk of a non Kalabari.


Only Amachree, Amayanabo of Kalabari can!

As a Kalabari man, Ijuye, you know that’s true. If no other Amachree tells you, I will!

I love Kalabari and I have proven it over and over again.

I have defended Kalabari with my blood. What I did for Kalabari when I was in office speaks for itself. Maybe you are too young to know!

Because of me, one thousand plus Kalabaris eat today.

I employed them into the State service when I was Chairman RSPEB. Even when I left, I nominated Sule Amachree as Education Secretary to continue to place Kalabaris in State Service.

May I say, for the record that I employed even Danagogo’s late wife before he became local government chairman, without previously knowing him. He walked into my office, made the request and I promptly executed it. He has eaten salt and pepper provided by my brotherliness.

I never dreamt a day like this would ever come where we would be pitched against each other.

You and your sponsor, Alaba, should tell me what you have done for Kalabari since he has held office, other than posture to be the “Kalabari Governor” after Wike!

When you can match my achievements in Kalabari, including my pedigree, you can face me.

Until then, keep quiet. I am not your mate!Stop telling people that Wike was conferred with an honorary Chieftaincy. Stop lying and denigrating the Governor!



No Chieftaincy was conferred on the Governor. You cannot continue with this scam , 419!

I will haunt you down until you stop lying!!!!!!You don’t even know contemporary Kalabari history!

Dr Odili was not given an honorary Chieftaincy title. He was honored with a Kalabari name!

What happened can best be referred to as a “Kalabari naming ceremony”!

The same thing happened in Abalama on Saturday!Wike could not have been made a Kalabari Chief, by any stretch of the imagination, by a town king, even if it is an accepted practice.You know that’s not possible!

Chief AK Horsfall is a titled Kalabari Chief as was Chief S. O. Princewill and is Dr Emi Membere.So you didn’t even know that Emi Membere is “Deinpiribo” after S. O. Princewil??I had to school you privately. Now you dare take me on!

Don’t you know I am Chief Ayibo Amachree’s daughter??Horsfall,andMembere are Kalabari sons.

They are entitled to seat on Chieftaincy stools. In our culture, stools are created for Chiefs to sit on within a family structure.

We do not confer honorary Chieftaincies. Not even Professor Hutton was made an honorary Chief.

The most he achieved was “Member, Ekine Seki Apu. Indeed, why didn’t your Sponsors settle for that?!

Which compound or family meeting does Alaba propose that Governor Wike attend as Kalabari Chief ?

Where did he “Polo diye”?

When and how did he “Se diye”?

When did Abalama school field become “Se Kobiri” venue?

Amachree town hall was vacant on that day.

Who are the constituents that Governor Wike will superintendent over as Kalabari Chief?

Akaaaaai! Kalabari!How can this happen?Please stop making fools of yourselves and Kalabari.

Take lessons in Kalabari traditions. and culture!!!

Finally, Ijuye, I have never met you. I have never even spoken to you on the phone.

When did I tell you I want to go to Senate?


I am enjoying my retirement!

I didn’t know life could be so enjoyable. Sooooo sweet!

Don’t you see me every week dressed up to attend one function or the other on Facebook?!

I’m rediscovering life with my grandchildren. I won’t trade this life in for anything!

However, I am an Amachree.

Anybody who wants to mess with that stool has me to contend with.

I have gone to great lengths to document my opinion so that it will be on record that someone resisted the abuse of Kalabari culture and the ridiculing of our Governor, my friend.

When I say I am “ACCOMPLISHED”, believe it!



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