Thanksgiving Service: Grateful NUJ Chairman Surrenders To Emotion

For the Chairman of the Rivers State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Mr. Stanley Job Stanley, last Sunday Thanksgiving Service at the Royal House of Grace International Church, Graceland Avenue, Port Harcourt became the defining moment in the events that characterized the recent election that brought him and Secretary, Ike Wigodo, for a second term in office.

The NUJ Chairman who was joined at the Thanksgiving by his vice, Okechukwu Maru; Secretary, Ike Wigodo; Assistant Secretary, Esther Obialor; first female Auditor of the union, Ominini Leslie Wokoma; Treasurer, Doris Tams Morrison and Financial Secretary, Fubara Miebaka Amadi as well as other members of the NUJ, could not hide his emotion, bowing to impulse to prostrate at alter of Royal House of Grace International Church, when called upon to speak.

Like the biblical David who danced unclad before God, Stanley Job Stanley had every reason to prostrate and wished he could go ‘naked’, just to appreciate the mercies of God.

He told the story of the election before a bewildered congregation including the presiding minister and Bishop of Graceland Church, Apostle (King) David Zilly Aggrey. 

Stanley recalled the series of election postponements and how on two occasions he had to seek God’s intervention through the prayers of Apostle David Zilly Aggrey, and how the Apostle assured that it would end in his testimony.

He recalled how his opponents raised petitions against his team, with concocted allegations to the National Secretariat seeking his disqualification; and even smashed bottles to disrupt proceedings during the onset of the election in August, 2021.

“There are many reasons why I have to thank God today.  You all knew what we passed through and how God made it possible for us to hold our election successfully”, said the tearful NUJ Chairman, as he expressed appreciation to all journalists present at the event.

Earlier in his sermon, Apostle Zilly Aggrey declared that the month of March, 2022 would be memorable for Christians as they would enjoy life to the fullest.

In the message which he tagged ‘Living free’, the Apostle urged the church not to compromise their faith, as he gave assurance that they would be free from the vicissitudes of life.

Highpoint of the service was the gifting of unspecified sums of money to the needy. 

The Apostle had revealed that he was led by the spirit of God to encourage someone who came to church. having no money or food at home. 

In fact, he said the persons in question do not even have the transport fare to return home after the service.

The statement triggered a rush as no fewer than six women responded to the call, with three of them falling ‘under the anointing’ but got on their feet when the envelopes were dropped on them.

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