Luck Smiles On Stranded Ukraine – Bound OPM Scholarship Awardees, Now To Travel To Cyprus

…As Sacked ‘Chicken Republic’ Security Guards Gain Favour From OPM To Join In Overseas Trip

The General Overseer (GO) of Omega Power Ministries (OPM), Apostle Chinyere Gift Chibuzor has expressed joy that about 40 Ukraine-bound students on OPM scholarship who had to wait in Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital for about one month before their travel documents could be processed did not travel at last.

They were to embark on the foreign trip before the Russian invasion of the former USSR State.

Shortly before the necessary documentations could be finalized, the Ukraine – Russian war had begun, saving the young lads the possible agony they would have suffered if they had left for the war torn east European nation, the stress and the cost on OPM of bringing them home or relocating them to a nearby country and even possible harm to the students. What a blessing in disappointment?

The lucky young OPM beneficiaries will now travel to Cyprus to continue their educational and vocational pursuits in a few weeks time.

Also lucky are 10 more beneficiaries who are to join in the overseas trip.

The number originally scheduled for the failed Ukrainian trip was 40 which has now been increased to 50 students.

The OPM General Overseer, Apostle (Dr) Chinyere Gift Chibuzor disclosed this while chatting with journalists in Port Harcourt upon arrival from overseas visit to all OPM sponsored students and workers in parts of Europe and the United States of America . He was away for three weeks and arrived the country over the weekend.

According to the man of God, the additional 10 beneficiaries include the two boys sacked by their former employer, Tom Salem Security, a Lagos –based company and deployed to ‘Chicken Republic’, an eatery in Aba, Abia State whose sack story has been trending on social media.

The young lads, Matthew Precious Kelechi, 18, from Abia State and Johnson Ifeanyichukwu, 19, from Imo State were reportedly dancing on duty which their employers considered embarrassing to their customers and dismissed  them accordingly.

The incident reportedly caught the attention of another young lad, an instagram handler, Caleb,  20, who posted it on social media which in turn, attracted the attention of the OPM General Overseer.

Cross section of OPM faithful at Port Harcourt International Airport to receive their G.O., Apst. Chibuzor back from Overseas trip over the weekend

Having invited the affected security guards and considering their age and the bleak future that awaits them if left to their fate, the Minister of God and philanthropist volunteered to adopt them and included them among those to be sent to Cyprus on scholarship.

The kind gesture was also extended to the young instagram handler, making them three in number. What a blessing in a ‘misfortune?’

On the outcome of his overseas trip, Apostle Chibuzor said all the people sent out by OPM to Dubai, USA, Poland, Cyprus, Turkey and many others were doing well in their various areas, and expressed joy that some of them are now bread winners of their families while some have helped  other relations to travel out for greener pastures.

The number of OPM beneficiaries in overseas countries schooling and working is about 2,000. He said he targets as many as 500 beneficiaries this year, 2022.

The clergyman also disclosed a major breakthrough with a German company that has indicated interest in partnering with OPM in running its free schools for the less privileged. The company he said, was attracted by the extraordinary performance of one of OPM sponsored workers in a company in Dubai which had to intimate the parent company in Germany about the employee.

The news of a Church (OPM) being behind such an enormous work of charity was all the managing director of the German company needed to hear to fly in from Germany to Dubai to meet with the OPM General Overseer before the deal was struck. What a miracle?

The General Overseer, (G.O) of the Omega Power Ministries, Apostle (Dr.) Chinyere Gift Chibuzor has never minced words in admitting that tithes and offerings in churches are meant for the work of God as a kingdom practice. Hence he uses these tithes and offerings to impact humanity as the spirit directs.

Apostle Chibuzor strongly believes and says this is the reason for the success story of OPM which is exemplified in striking miracles, signs and wonders that have released those in bondage, healed the sick, gave jobs to the jobless, blessed those in need of the fruit of the womb and made so many millionaires and champions in their own rights, etc.

One special area however, the Omega Power Ministries has distinguished itself that perhaps, accounts for the pride of place it occupies on the minds of the populace is the free schools for indigent pupils and orphans now numbering fourteen (14) across the country, free restaurants and free feeding of the pupils, free OPM hospital and overseas scholarship sponsorship of countless number of youths, opening up and financing businesses for repented commercial sex workers and cultists, training many through skills acquisition programmes, etc.

The highlight of the man of God’s arrival packages for his numerous children and dependants at his GRA phase 3 residence was the handing over of the sum of N1million to the winner of the monthly Bible quiz organized by the Church for all the inmates of OPM ‘children’ family.

The parents of the lucky winner whose two other children had earlier benefitted from OPM overseas scholarship were handy to receive the N1million cheque.

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