Ogoni Youths Demand Equity In Power Sharing

Following political activities that resumed ahead of 2023 general elections in the country at large and Rivers State in particular Ogoni youths under the ageis of the National Youth Council of Ogoni People (NYCOP) have stressed the need for an Ogoniman to be the chosen as the next governor of Rivers State.

The President of National Youth Council of Ogoni People (NYCOP), Comr Barinuazor Emmanuel made this known while speaking with newsmen in Port-Harcourt.

The NYCOP President, Comr Emmanuel also stated that in the spirit of justice, fairness and equity, Ogoniman should be allowed to occupy the number one seat in Rivers State, saying that since the creation of the State in the 1967, Ogoni had not been able to produce the governor, neither the deputy, nor the Speaker in the State Assembly.

According to him, the political marginalization of Ogoni people in Rivers State can no longer be accepted by Ogoni people. Ogonis are major State holders in Rivers State and the economic contributions of Ogoni land to this country as well as the State are enough reason Ogoni man should be given opportunity to govern the State.

Comr Barinuazor Emmanuel who is also the President General of River State Ethnic Youth Leaders Council further appealed to other ethnic groups in the state to support the political ambition of Ogoniman to be the governor of Rivers State, saying that Ogonis are strongly behind any political party that will give its ticket to their son or daughter in the forthcoming general election.

He advised Ogoni people especially the youths to be peaceful in agitating for governorship position in 2023, as the youth leader also said that Ogonis are united to fight for this political injustice melted on them over the years, stating that for peace to reign, the political leaders of various parties in the State should put Ogoni man into consideration for the position of governor come 2023, for the purpose of equity, fairness and justice.

He therefore advised Ogoni people especially the youths to be peaceful, as Ogonis are demanding for Governor in 2023 political dispensation.

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