DISCLAIMER!: The Use Of Fake Facebook Accounts With The Name Of Senator Barinada Mpigi To Defraud Unsuspecting Members Of The General Public

The attention of Distinguished Senator Barinada Mpigi has been drawn to several fictitious, fake and fraudulent Facebook accounts in operation with names purporting to be that of Senator Barinada Mpigi, deceiving unsuspecting members of the general public to apply for some fake jobs, loans, Empowerment programmes, supplies, contracts etc.

The demon infested scammers in their desperate attempts to defraud innocent citizens are using strange Facebook names such as Barry Barinada Mpigi, Senator Barinada Barry Mpigi and BARRY IMPIGI and give out the following unknown mobile numbers 08051630627, 08060659093 to unsuspecting members of the public as Senator Barinada Mpigi’s contact numbers.

Of particular note is a Facebook account operating with the name Barry Impigi where members of the public are requested to apply for a Federal Government Empowerment loan for entrepreneurs of between N100,000 to N20 million naira.

I wish to state categorically that those Facebook accounts and phone numbers do not in any way belong or have any link whatsoever to Distinguished Senator Barinada Mpigi. They are fake Facebook accounts opened by fraudsters with the demonic intention to defraud unsuspecting members of the public and embarrass the Distinguished Senator.

Distinguished Senator Barinada Mpigi wishes to advise members of the general public to disregard and ignore the fraudulent messages on the fake Facebook pages as any person who involves himself or herself in any transaction with the fraudsters is doing so at his/her own risk.

He also enjoins targeted victims to report any person who uses the fake accounts to approach them to pay money for any purpose to law enforcement agencies for prosecution and urge security agencies to bring perpetrators of the dastardly crimes to justice.

While I commend the Facebook team for helping Distinguished Senator Barinada Mpigi verify his only account, I call on them to urgently shut down all the fake Facebook accounts, as all efforts in his direction have so far proved abortive.


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