Unforced Errors, And Running Mate From Ogoni

By Blecyn Wikina

The Tennis world invented one of the apt phrases to appropriately label an advantage freely given to an opponent by another player.

Unforced Error they call it. And the umpires gladly credits the opponents account with the proceeds of that point. And it counts, cumulatively, as a gain, to a game point, and to a winner.

Unforced errors ain’t products of skills, tactics, strategy or of how good a player is. It is a player willing giving his opponent an advantage via Hitting the ball into the net. Hitting the ball beyond the Court. Wrong cuts etc.

This scenerio best applies to the recent political choice, by the opposition party of a Guber running mate in the state, to a section of Ogoniland.

The indices are. Victor Giadom is Ogoni, and comes from Gokana, and he is the present National Vice Chairman, South/South of the APC. Dr Innocent Barikor, is Ogoni, and comes from Gokana as well, and has just been chosen as the Running Mate to the Partys Guber candidate, in the coming 2023 Election.

Ogoni has four distinct local Govt areas…., Khana, Gokana, Tai, and Eleme, in no particular order of voting strength.

Ogoni has six clans, Nyo-khana, Ken-Khana, Babbe, Eleme, Tai, Gokana, and many sub-clans in this classification.

Only Gokana seem to have captured the only two places available.

All Politics is local, and it follows therefore, that decisions that can lead to political advantage should be guided via a process of critical thinking….with all variables itemised on the menu.

With 2-out-of-2 positions zoned to only 2-out-of-6 total areas, an unforced Error had been committed, to the advantage and benefit of other politicians and players alike.

The awareness bug sweeping throughout the political arena seem not to have reached the leadership of APC yet.

For one thing, they are the opposion party. And if they want to compete, to upstage the ruling party, it would have mattered for them to come out with a critical thinking strategy, to tilt the next electoral balance.

Buts it’s game on. Unforced errors point, like goals scored from the Penalty spots, are also valid votes that would count.

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