Rivers CAN Rejects Muslim-Muslim Ticket For 2023 Presidential Election

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the umbrella body of the Christian community in Nigeria had earlier warmed all political parties even before primaries to respect the diversity and the secularity of Nigeria as a multi- ethnic and multi religious country.

For the interest of oneness and inclusiveness according to the 1999 constitution of Nigeria that all political parties should strongly acknowledge the multi ethnicity and multi religiosity of Nigeria to have either Muslim/ Christian ticket or Christian/ Muslim ticket.

“Also this warning has earlier been made by the Nigeria interreligious Council (NERIC), a body of Christians and Muslims chaired by The President of CAN and Sultan of Sokoto, the Islamic leader in Nigeria.

It is unfortunately obvious that the two main political parties have failed Nigeria and disrespected the secularity and diversity of our country Nigeria.

“First, the PDP failed to obey the simple understood rotation of presidency. After A Muslim Northern President Buhari, the entire Nigerians expect the Presidency to rotate to the Southern Christian President come 2023 but the PDP completely violated this rotation of Power with impunity and went against this to feed a Muslim Northern candidate Atiku Abubaka irrespective of the outcry of the Nigerian people particularly the members of PDP.

“The ruling APC which we also expect to obey the country’s diversity, has equally failed the Christian community and entire Nigerians by first picking a Muslim Southern candidate Asiwuji Tinubu instead of Christian Southern candidate, and as if that was not enough, he has gone ahead to consider a Northern Muslim as his running mate.

“These is complete disregard and disrespect for the Constitution of Nigeria on fairness, equity and justice.

This will further increase the divergent dichotomy along ethnic and religious lines.

These political parties have failed to respect the voice of the people of Nigeria they represent and devalue the sanctity of the opinion of the people and the institution called democracy which is the Government by the people and for the people. How could we as Nigerians trust these same candidates who  are already going against our collective bargain for their selfish ambition. 

“Does that mean that the entire 19 states in the north could not produce a competent Northern Christian as runningmate?

Or the entire Southern Nigeria could not produce a competent Christian as a presidential candidate.

This for CAN, attests to the lopsidedness of the federal characters and total disregard of the major political parties to the plight of Nigerians.

Therefore, we, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rivers State join our National body to completely and totally comdenm these act of impunity and reject the Muslim-Muslim tickets for 8 years of the President Buhari as Muslim Northern to another Muslim Northern ticket Atiku or Muslim Southern candidate Tinubu with a Muslim running mate.

“We therefore humbly call on all well meaning Nigerians particularly Christians in Nigeria and in diaspora including our Muslim faithful to reject these candidates with their PVCs as their actions are contrary to our collective interest of fairness, equity and justice and if allowed would threaten the existing relative peace in our country Nigeria.

We are also calling on all Nigerians to go for a more competent credible and trusted candidate from a more balance party that respect the peculiarities of Nigerian socio-economic, political, ethnic and religious diversity for fairness, equity and justice.

Importantly, we use this medium to felicitate with the Muslim faithful on the celebration of Eid-el-Kabir  and pray for the blessings of God upon Nigeria in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

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