We’re Proud To Have Hon. Lloyd As Council Chairman – Emeh Glory Emeh

…Thanks Gov Wike

A former Chief of Staff during the administration of former Governor Dr. Peter Odili, Chief Hon. Barr. Emeh Glory Emeh, has said that the people of Emohua Local Government Area are proud of having their Executive Chairman, Hon. Chidi Lloyd, over the rein of affairs in the council.

Speaking at the one year anniversary of the Council Chairman for Account of Stewardship at council secretariat on Friday, July 8, Chief Hon. Barr. Glory Emeh, said that the people of the council were seeing what they had not seen before Hon. Lloyd was elected.

He also said that Hon. Lloyd came at the right time.

Chief Hon. Barr. Glory Emeh said: “So we are very proud that we have Hon. Chidi Lloyd and it’s not strange because as a lawyer you cannot do less than that and some of us who passed through that road know what lawyers can do. So I want to thank Chairman for what he has done”.

He said he had also made comments in a write-up to him over his first year anniversary.

Chief Hon. Barr. Glory Emeh thanked the Governor of the state, Chief Nyesom Wike, for giving Hon. Lloyd the opportunity to serve saying “he came at the right time when he has to make changes in our place”.

He said: “I also thank the Governor, His Excellency Chief Nyesom Wike, because not many expected Hon. Lloyd to come but he came and is transforming the local government area showing commitment and prudent management of funds”.

The former Chief of Staff said the people of the local government were proud that Hon. Lloyd emerged as Chairman in local government elections which gave him victory.

Chief Hon. Barr. Glory Emeh, who holds traditional title as Badu Oha, Omokwa Eli Anya Emohua Kembom, said: “One year thus far you can imagine what will happen in the remaining two years plus”.

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