NUJ Press Week: Social Media Will Never Replace Traditional Media  – Prof. Nwamuo

Head of department of Mass communication of Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), Professor Angela Nwamuo says the social media is not a replacement for the traditional media.

Nwamuo who was one of the discussants at the Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ) Anambra State Council Press Week held at the Godwin Ezeemo International Press Center, Awka with the theme: “Traditional Media and Threat of the Social Media: Implications for National development”, emphasized on the roles and importance of journalists, stating that the social media will never replace or relegate newspapers, television and radio stations.

According to Nwamuo, when it comes to credibility, the traditional media are still a force to reckon with. This is because reporters and media organizations know that they will be held responsible if they publish fake news.

Nwamuo agreed that though the social media is a threat to the traditional media platforms but will never eliminate the place of traditional media.

Her words: Social media has succeeded in making traditional media to be transformed but will never replace journalism. Live up to your responsibility. Back up with whatever you see on social media with facts and figures’. He advised newsmen.

“Traditional and social media platforms are still very useful when it comes to circulating and disemenating information. We need to be careful and not believe everything we see on social media.

“Both traditional and social media platforms can be used for national development but the job of Journalists will never be replaced by social media.

She concluded by encouraging Journalists to equip themselves. “When you source news online, don’t just publish without verifying’.

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