PAP: Group Rejects Call For Ndiomu’s Removal, Says Action Is Height Of Desperation

The call for the removal of the Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Program (PAP), Rt. Gen. T.B. Ndiomu has continued to attract condemnation as Bayelsans view the development as the height of desperation by self seeking political jobbers.

Reacting to a recent statement by one Hon. Jonah Abeki, which called for the termination of Ndiomu’s appointment as Interim Administrator of the federal government agency, the Izon Ibe Coalition Front (IICF) said such call should be roundly condemned by all patriotic Ijaws, describing  his claims against the retired military officer as gibberish and product of envy and jealousy.

IICC through a statement issued in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State capital on Friday, and jointly signed by its Chairman, Tarilaye Dengiyefa and Secretary, Benson Tontonyefa, said the respected Interim Administrator of the PAP is, in their words, a man on a good mission and would not be distracted by what they described as internal politics.

“The last time we checked, the Chairman of APC in Bayelsa State is Barrister Dennis Otiotio and not Jonah Abeki or anything close to it.  Simply put, anyone claiming to be what he is not, is to us, an impostor and should be regarded as such.

“Ordinarily, we shouldn’t be joining issues with an impostor but the records needed to be put straight so that Bayelsans and Nigerians at large would not be deceived or misinformed”, the group stated.

The IICF expressed surprise that rather than applaud the efforts of the retired Army General in bringing sanity to the once disoriented PAP, people are busy exhibiting what they termed, the ‘Pull Him Down’ syndrome.

“Why are some Ijaws plotting the downfall of their own?  Here is a retired brilliant military officer who, after a meritorious service to his nation, was drafted to use his wealth of experience to put the house of the PAP in order; and to the glory of God, he is doing just that. 

And rather than encourage him to continue the good work; he is accused of anti-party activity and assisting his own younger sister. 

What height of desperation! What height of envy and jealousy!”, the statement said.

The Izon Ibe Coalition Front while describing the vituperations by Jonah Abeki as pointless, and baseless, reminded him and his ilk that the Presidential Amnesty Programme is not a political organization but an establishment directed to the welfare and interest of affected Nigerians irrespective of political affiliations.

“The Interim Administrator of the PAP was brought to the agency to work and not to dance to the whims of Jonah Abeki and his ilk.  You saw the irregularities he just discovered in the agency, and those are the things he is working tirelessly to correct.  Is this why you want him sacked?”, the statement demanded.

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