…I Will Say Things About You That Has Been Hidden Up Until This Time, Rt. Hon. Deeyah Tells Mr. Friday Nke-ee

Dear Hon. Friday Nke-ee aka Fenko, 

You are well aware that you are not my match or mate in any respect.

Who nominated you for the post you occupied after I left office as Commissioner? I decided not to take on any individual in the course of campaign, rather focus on getting the candidates I supported to win.

To the glory of God that came through. There is no way I would have supported you against Hon. Dum Dekor in any contest. We all go through seasons in life and  decided that whatever happens I will maintain my relationships with people but carry out any responsibility given me ethically.

You have personally approached me for assistance, you even requested I speak to the Governor to assist you as a person.

I asked you on what basis should I do that? Do you remember how many times you met me at Hotel Presidential and how we fixed an appointment so that I can take you to him and how you cooked up an excuse later?

What sort of character trait is that? I decided not to venture into your character or person. You know the exchanges between you and your prophet about Rt. Hon Dum Dekor which you mistakenly shared with the same Hon. Dum Dekor? 

You can call it any name, I am not serving any individual but a group of people.

I have restrained myself out of respect for the office I hold in trust for the people but I will not take any insults to my person so gird yourself properly.

I was a Member of the House of Assembly for just twenty two months and there are monuments of that era still standing today. I was a Commissioner for Four years I have my records.

I was in the House of Representatives for Eight clear years I have bills and motions to my name and also structures that are visible to mark my time there.

I will challenge you to a face-to-face interview on a Radio Station in Rivers State soon.

You spoke to journalists who came to interview you on your failed effort and mentioned my name specifically to them. Do you expect that I will keep quiet in the face of your false narrative?

I have said it over and over again I am a politician and will never run away from saying that. If supporting candidates of one’s political party is now a job or boy boy work as you call it please go and do the same and let us see where that will get you.

Don’t also forget why you eventually refused to see Gov. Wike after accepting to do so. Remember your encounter with your former colleague when you were held down and locked in?

Do you remember collecting money to execute a particular plan and didn’t eventually carry it out? See who is talking about equity and clean hands, I laugh. Can you eat your cake and have it ?

I can go on and on with you. Can you in good conscience name an address or location of where you do business or eke out a living? Since you want to open your mouth without thinking.

You very well know you’re older but have refused to accept that we are not operating on the same pedestal.

It is better you respect yourself and tame your mouth otherwise I will say things about you that has been hidden up until this time.

Be careful.


Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Nwika Deeyah.


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