Beware Of Sycophants, Sokari Counsels Sim Fubara

A clergyman, Rev. Sokari Soberekon has advised the incoming governor in Rivers State, Sir Siminialayi Fubara not to allow those he called sycophants to becloud his noble plans and good administration he may have for the state.

Sokari who oversees the Christ Jesus Link Gospel Ministry in Port Harcourt told reporters on Monday that he sees a situation where corrupt politicians and all manner of sycophants would fight to win Fubara’s heart for their selfish motives.

“He has to be very careful and seek the wisdom of God to govern the state.  Rivers State is too big to be handled by one man, hence there is need for the incoming governor to be circumspect on the politicians that are flocking around him”, he said.

The 81 year-old Sokari who begged to have his voice heard before he ‘dies’, appealed to all candidates who filed petitions at the tribunal to withdraw such, adding that victory should not be a win-win situation.

“As far as I am concerned, all the candidates who contested the last governorship election are all winners.  They are presumed good and competent, but a winner must emerge at the end of every contest.  All the losers should therefore, rally round Sir Sim Fubara and support his government, if they truly love Rivers State.

“That is why I believe that for effective administration of our dear state, the incoming governor and all erstwhile Guber candidates should form a Governing Council, where each person would bring out the best in him or her.  Roles would be assigned, and I believed that with such combined effort, Rivers State would get to El Dorado”, he said.

Rev. Sokari who is popularly called ‘Senior Advocate of the Niger Delta’ (SAND), further appealed to the incoming governor not to embark on new projects until all projects started by his predecessor are completed.  He said when that is done; Fubara should direct his efforts at agriculture.

“He should focus on massive food production through subsistence agriculture.  All the 23 local government areas should be agriculturally industrialized.  Rivers State should be an agricultural hum, and stop depending on the north for food.

There should be no more demonstration farming but practical farming. Fubara’s focus should be food, food and food”, he said.

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