9th National Assembly: Rubber Stamp Of Executive, Nigerians Lament

Nigerians have taken a swipe at the lawmakers who constituted the 9th National Assembly, describing them as mere rubber stamps of the executive.

Barring their minds in an opinion poll carried out by National Network as regards the incoming 10th Assembly, a good number of the respondents, said the 9th National Assembly, particularly the Senate plunged Nigeria into debts, as they approved all sorts of loan requests brought by President Buhari.

According to them, the huge loan requests the 9th Assembly blindly approved for the Executive mortgaged Nigeria’s future and the future of its citizens.

According to the respondents, Nigerians suffered terrible hardship under the Buhari regime as a result of the inability of the 9th Assembly to check the president’s excesses.

“Imagine what Nigerians passed through during the Emefiele’s naira re-design policy. Many Nigerians died as a result of cash crunch and inability to access their monies in the banks. The useless and selfish lawmakers of the 9th Assembly did not do anything to alleviate the sufferings of Nigerians. They were more interested in the fat allowances they were receiving than the sufferings Nigerians were subjected to as a result of the Naira redesign programme,” one of them said.

They have therefore warned the incoming 10th National Assembly to avoid falling in the same mess that prevented the 9th Assembly from making laws that would have benefitted the common Nigerians.

The respondents admonished the 10th Assembly led by Godswill Akpabio and Tajudeen Abbas to put the interests of the masses first, and not collude with the executive to inflict more sufferings on them.

Now the Respondents’ Opinions:

Okere Njoku – The 9th National Assembly succeeded in plunging Nigeria into huge debts by approving all sorts of loan requests forwarded by President Buhari. As at Monday June 12, the 9th National Assembly came to an end, Nigeria is indebted to foreign countries, particularly China to the tone of N150 Trillion naira. Worst still the loans Buhari received were never put to productive ventures, but frittered in unnecessary jamborees.

It was even alleged that some of the loans were received and shared among the politicians. The 10th Assembly should guide against falling into same flaws that marred the 9th Assembly if they hope to have the support of Nigerians. They should not blindly approve everything the executive throw at them in order to curry favour from her. The poor masse’s interests should be upper most in their mind.

Mary Ogan – The 9th Assembly was a mere rubber stamp of the executive. They shamelessly fraternized with President Buhari and passed into law whatever he sent to them.

Ahmed Lawan led senate was particularly messy as the upper chamber shamelessly courted Buhari and allowed him to have his way all the time without caring whether it hurt Nigerians or not. I would never wish such a Senate for Nigeria again.

Egbule Okwuchi – The 9th Assembly has gone and buried. They performed below expectations. They particularly did not care for the poor masses. The 10th National Assembly should concentrate on making laws that will alleviate the sufferings of Nigerians. Anything short of that is an invitation to anarchy, as the youths of this country can no longer tolerate nonsense politicians.

Okon Akpan – If the 10th National Assembly toe the line of the 9th Assembly, Nigerian youths will invade both chambers and sack them, we will never again tolerate the subjugation of Nigerians by the Executive and the legislature. The 10th Assembly must be ready to work for the people of Nigeria.

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