Port Harcourt Residents To Receive Shares, Buying Electronic Devices

In a groundbreaking move, Car Power, a prominent electronics company has announced that Port Harcourt residents will have the opportunity to acquire shares of the company when purchasing electronic devices.

This unique initiative aims to empower the local community and foster a sense of ownership among its residents.

Unveiling the plan during a press conference held at its newly acquired Port Harcourt office located at 99 Obi Wali Roadin Port Harcourt at the weekend, the General Manager of the company, Mr. Lawson Chuku said the initiative, aptly named “Share and Shop,” offers Port Harcourt residents the chance to become shareholders in the company by buying their desired electronic devices.

He said the plan marks a departure from traditional sales strategies while highlighting the company’s commitment to community development.

“Car Power is a company that is into electrical, car chargers production and installation, as well as into charity by rendering support to handicap children, especially those in nursery and primary schools.

“In Car Power, all you need to do is to buy some devises, which is more or less an indirect way of buying shares from the company.  It makes people to attain financial freedom where you buy shares and make money each hour”, he said.

Mr. Chuku expressed enthusiasm about the initiative, stating, “We believe that our success as a company is intertwined with the prosperity of the communities we serve. By offering shares to our customers, we want to create a sense of partnership and reward them for their loyalty. It’s an opportunity for Port Harcourt residents to become direct stakeholders in our business and benefit from its growth.”

Mr. Chuku who disclosed that Car Power is in partnership with Elon Musk and has branches in eight states including Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Ondo, Oyo, Kano and others, also also said that the company is targeting 100 offices in Nigeria in the near future.

Under the “Share and Shop” program, customers will receive a predetermined number of shares based on the value of their electronic device purchases. These shares will entitle the owners to dividends and potential capital gains as the company thrives in the competitive electronics market. The scheme is designed to incentivize both new and existing customers to invest in the company’s products and foster a long-term relationship.

At the event which had people from all walks of life in attendance, 66 persons received charity donations, courtesy of the company.

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