Barr. Ariolu Elated As He Receives  Remarkable Achievements’ Award

Basking in the blaze of another prestigious award bestowed upon him, the Executive Chairman of Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, Barrister George Ariolu says the latest award conferred on him by the Revival Intercessors Ministries Int’l Inc. Alekahia, OBALGA on Sunday reflects everything he stood for in the service of God and humanity.

Speaking after receiving the award, Ariolu said the award held immense significance to him, not just as an individual, but as a representative of the tireless efforts of the Council and the entire people of the area.

The OBALGA Council Chairman who was clearly elated by the award said the recognition showed that his administration is on the right path, and pledged to continually give all glories to God for giving him the wisdom to come up with programmes and policies that impact on the lives of the people.

Stressing that the achievements of the Council in two years in office have continued to generate commendations, Ariolu expressed gratitude to the church for acknowledging the work that had been done collectively to uplift the council and its residents, adding that the award further testified to “our shared vision of creating a thriving, inclusive and compassionate community”

While frowning at the negative portrayal of politicians as embezzlers and corrupt people, the Council boss also emphasized the need to project politicians who have made marks in the country, as according to him, the media have infused in the minds of the younger ones, who are leaders of tomorrow that politicians are dishonest.

He said this negative projection of politicians have made the younger ones have the mindset that going into politicians is the quickest way of making money, noting however that “It is not as if everything about the city of Jerusalem was righteous, but we still have good and genuine ones”

Ariolu urged especially the youths to erase such negative perception just as former Governor Wike did, recording unprecedented achievements unrivaled in the annals of Rivers State.

The Chairman also admonished the church to serve God genuinely and always wait for their time.

He reiterated that the award does not mark the end of but rather served as a reminder of the responsibilities and the challenges that lie ahead, and pledged to continue to work together, harnessing collective strengths and innovative ideas, to tackle the issues that impact on the people.

“I am inspired by the determination and resilience of our residents, and I pledge to redouble my efforts to serve their needs and aspirations. I am committed to maintaining an open dialogue with all community members, listening to their concerns, and actively seeking solutions”, he declared.

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