Nsirim Unveils De Gratia Center For Media Rights And Education

…Says Vision Birthed 10 Years Ago

In a memorable event that marked a significant milestone for media practitioners, former Commissioner for Information and Communications, Pastor Paulinus Nsirim has unveiled his pet project, De Gratia Center for Media Rights and Education.

The grand event which held at the Ernest Ikoli Press Center on Wednesday had prominent figures from the media industry, educational institutions, and civil society in attendance.

Speaking at the occasion, Pastor Nsirim who was accompanied to the event by his wife, Mrs. Woyengikuro Nsirim, said the Center is designed to be a global brand in offering qualitative training in media practice and serve as a fountain for ethical research and training.

He added that De Gratia Center for Media Rights and Education would champion the cause of media freedom and create a hub for journalists and media professionals who would be periodically trained to uphold the values of truth, transparency, and responsible journalism.

Emphasizing the pivotal role the media plays in shaping public opinion and promoting democracy, Nsirim who was also one time State Chairman of the NUJ as well as Chief Press Secretary to the government, said De Gratia Center for Media Rights and Education stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to protecting the fundamental rights of journalists and promoting media literacy among citizens.

“To achieve the vision and mission of the Center, we shall employ the following strategies namely, Workshops, Seminars, Master Classes, Mentorship Classes, Certificate Courses, Partnership for Industry Experience, Exchange Programmes and Researches”, he said.

Pastor Nsirim further disclosed that membership of the Center which is a non-for-profit organization, will be opened to individuals with relevant journalism qualification and experience irrespective of sex, ethnic, political and religious creed.

On the admission procedure, Nsirim disclosed that forms shall be issued to prospective individuals who wish to join the organization and that the membership forms shall be attested to by two trustees.

However, Nsirim revealed that the Board of Trustees comprising himself and wife, shall have the right to approve membership applications after review.

He also added that De Gratia Center for Media Rights and Education shall seek partnership with corporate organizations, philanthropic bodies, media organizations and well meaning individuals, to ensure that funding of its activities will not suffer a setback.

On termination of membership, Nsirim said a member shall terminate his or her membership voluntarily in writing or when found culpable of any criminal or civil wrong by a court of competent jurisdiction.

The De Gratia Center for Media Rights and Education is set to become a beacon of hope, inspiring future generations of journalists and media practitioners to uphold the principles of responsible journalism while safeguarding the public’s right to access accurate and unbiased information.

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