Like everyone who cherishes decency and sanctity of human life, I learned of the barbaric and dastardly murder and dismemberment of Ahoada Divisional Police Officer, SP Bako Angbashim, by a gang of deranged criminals in Ahoada East with utter shock, anguish and embarrassment.

SP Bako was a first-rate police officer who was exceptionally fearless, dutiful and committed to ridding Ahoada East and environs of criminal elements who have perpetrated unspeakable evil and created an atmosphere of terror for several years.

Since his redeployment to Ahoada this year, his singular and exemplary work has made a visible and telling difference, and Ahoada East was inevitably on the path to full normalcy in daily life.

In the short time that I knew and interacted with SP Bako, I found him literally unmatchable in motivation and sense of duty.

I gave him every support at my disposal and, before my recent trip out of the country, we discussed the state of play and areas of further support and cooperation on my return.

SP Bako’s gory and inexplicable murder is the latest example of the brazen criminality in Ahoada East, which has festered for too long. His death, particularly the manner of it, is also an indication of regression to primitivity and degeneracy in Ahoada East and Ekpeyeland generally.

I thank the Governor, His Excellency Siminalayi Fubara, for the important and timely actions he has taken and assure him of my unwavering support in the task of keeping our communities, towns and cities safe from criminals.

Finally, I implore the people of Ahoada East, especially community leaders and traditional rulers, to whom the killers of SP Bako are known, to harken to the Governor’s call and provide information that will ensure that the criminals are brought to justice and the idyllic conditions of our communities are restored.

Rep. Solomon T. Bob, MHR, DSSRS

Abua/Odual & Ahoada East

 Federal Constituency.

September 9, 2023.

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