Rivers Women Celebrate International Women Literacy Day

...As RSG trains women in digital literacy

Having always been at the forefront of promoting the education of women and young girls, the Ministry of Women Affairs  has in commemoration of 2023 International Women Literacy Day trained Rivers women on digital business skills and new career development.

In her welcome address, the Commissioner for Women Affairs, Dr. Roseline Apawari Uranta described the event as apt and timely saying that it would build women’s ability to learn digital business and communication skills.

She noted that everybody needs to know how to read and write to achieve a reasonable level of literacy and education adding that women are very active in the labour force  and in businesses.

She stated that women need to understand some literacy techniques such as financial, digital and communication skills in order to function effectively.

Access to Education according to Dr. Uranta is a human right and a tool for personal growth, development and empowerment especially as the world is moving towards digital  literacy that enables people to effectively connect, interact and communicate with the world.

In her paper “Financial Literacy: A Pathway To Growing Successful Business “, Dr Mercy Bello Abu hinted that having proper literacy skills  will enable women challenge themselves, better the environment and eradicate poverty, immorality and depopulate the society among other vices.

She regretted that the voices of women are not heard because they have no financial muscle and enjoined women to be intentional in improving their business skills.

On her own part, Mrs Glory Kanu Chinweike said literacy is a continuous process required to effectively function in a modern society.

In her paper titled ” Developing Literacy Skills Through Effective Business Communication in the 21st Century “, she maintained that  literacy skills helps a business woman to analyse situations and make informed decisions.

She chronicled the importance of literacy skills adding that they are needed in business as much as funds.

International Women Literacy Day which is celebrated annually on the 8th of September has “Promoting Literacy For A World in Transition: Building The Groundwork For  Sustainable And Peaceful Societies ” as this year’s theme.

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