Dum Dekor Urges Nigerians To Rekindle Sense Of Unity, Compassion

The member representing Khana/Gokana Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Dumnamene Robinson Dekor is worried over the diminishing levels of empathy and concern among Nigerians, attributing the decline to the erosion of societal values.

Speaking as guest on ’30 Minutes On NTA’, a current affairs programme aired on the Nigerian Television Authority on Saturday, Rt. Hon. Dekor emphasized that the traditional values of compassion, solidarity, and empathy which once held Nigerian society together are gradually fading away.

He expressed deep concern about the growing sense of indifference and apathy that seems to permeate various aspects of Nigerian life.

“We have witnessed a noticeable decline in our collective empathy towards one another. The fabric of our society is being strained, and our ability to stand together in times of need is waning,” he remarked.

The distinguished lawmaker who is the Chairman of the House Committee on Host Communities, urged Nigerians to reflect on the roots of this issue and work towards reigniting the spirit of unity and compassion.

He emphasized the importance of fostering a sense of community, understanding, and support for one another, regardless of individual differences.

“We must reflect on our core values as a society and strive to rekindle the empathy that once defined us. Let us remember the strength we derive from our unity and the compassion that binds us as one nation,” urged Rt. Hon. Robinson Dekor.

Rt. Hon. Robinson Dekor, a former Deputy Speaker in the Rivers State House of Assembly as well as former Commissioner for Works in the state, took viewers on a nostalgic journey back to his time at the Federal Government College in Sokoto State, where he emphasized the profound sense of unity that prevailed among students.

He recalled that in those days, there was no distinction between a man from Sokoto State and an Ogoni man from Rivers State. He added that their motto, “Pro Unitati,” symbolized unity, a concept that unified them into one family, underscoring the fact that nobody would inquire about one’s state, tribe, or religion; they were simply Nigerians.

During the programme, he condemned the alarming disregard for human lives in the country and cited the ongoing insecurity, particularly the captivity of the Dapchi and Chibok school girls by their kidnappers. His voice trembled with emotion as he expressed his fervent hope for a day when every Nigerian could live and do business freely anywhere in the country.

“Let our diversity be our strength, and let our flag unite us together,” proclaimed Rt. Hon. Dum Dekor. “We are so richly endowed, yet we live in abject poverty.”

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