Hold Your Governors, Council Chairmen Accountable, Minister Momoh Urges Citizens

The Minister of Niger Delta Development, Hon. Engr. Abubakar Momoh, has called on citizens in the Niger Delta region to hold their respective state governors and council chairmen accountable for the utilization of increased monthly allocations from the federal government.

Minister Momoh encouraged the citizens to shift their focus from the federal government to state and local governments, as these tiers of government have been receiving increased revenue disbursements under the leadership of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

He emphasized that many of the citizens’ requests to the Ministry of Niger Delta Development fall within the responsibilities of state and local governments, rather than the federal government.

Besides, the Minister stressed the importance of safeguarding government properties within local communities against vandalism and highlighted the need for citizens to hold their representatives, from the local government to the state and federal levels, accountable for fulfilling their commitments to the people.

During a meeting with South Ibie leaders led by Hon Ahmed Musa Momoh, Saliu Ohakhumeh Jimoh and Mr. Abass Jatto who visited to request assistance for projects such as the NDDC abandoned hospital in South Ibie and the Iyerekhu-Aviele Road, Minister Momoh expressed his willingness to address the demands of every community in the Niger Delta, provided that the necessary resources are available.

He explained, “I am here to serve the entire Niger Delta region, comprising nine states. Our region faces complex challenges resulting from oil production, with many communities experiencing neglect. Our goal is to address these issues as mandated by the President.”

Additionally, Minister Momoh highlighted the urgent need for attention to key roads, including Ayogwiri, Afashio, Igarra, and Okpe, which are at risk of becoming impassable.

He stated, “These projects are among my priorities and are essential for improving movement across communities, villages, and local governments.”

The Minister clarified the role of the Ministry of Niger Delta as an interventionist ministry, distinct from other ministries responsible for infrastructure oversight.

He explained that many of the requests received by the ministry fall within the responsibilities of state and local governments and affirmed, ‘Despite this, with the necessary resources, I am committed to addressing the most pressing issues.”

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