NUJ, Poland Media Association Foster Collaboration

The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) and the Poland Media Association signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on October 18, 2023, aimed at establishing the Journalists House.

This initiative is designed to enhance media exchanges and collaboration between Nigerian and Polish journalists, as well as to promote communication and professional understanding between the two countries.

The MOU was formally signed by leaders from both organizations, with Dr. Christopher Isiguzo representing NUJ and Mr. Marek Traczyk representing the Polish Media Association.

This significant agreement was a key highlight of the Belt and Road Journalists Forum in Beijing, China, which saw the participation of leaders from over 80 Journalists Unions and Associations worldwide.

As part of the MOU, both countries have agreed to facilitate exchange programs and capacity-building initiatives for their members in Poland and Nigeria.

The establishment of the “Nigeria – Polish House of Journalists” will serve as a collaborative platform for journalists from both nations, with an open invitation for financial intermediaries and institutions from other countries to participate.

Additionally, the MOU outlines the commitment to strengthen cooperation between Nigeria and Central and Eastern European countries, with the aim of promoting exchanges and collaboration among journalists.

It also emphasizes the willingness of both the Association of Polish Media and the Nigeria Union of Journalists to offer support and assistance to journalists residing in each other’s countries.

Furthermore, the press organizations of Nigeria and Poland express their readiness to actively organize bilateral and multilateral activities such as seminars, training sessions, exchanges, and exhibitions, both in-person and remotely. This cooperation extends to welcoming interested journalists from other countries.

The Association of Polish Media and the Nigeria Union of Journalists are committed to introducing and expanding the impact of the “Nigeria – Polish House of Journalists” cooperation platform to their members and partners through various means to garner additional support.

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