There Is Urgent Need For UN, Others’ Intervention To Avert Doom – Igoche Okoh

As the Israeli – Hamas war rages on, a concerned world citizen, and International Justice Of Peace, His Eminence, Edwin Igoche Okoh says the entire humanity is under threat and another world war, imminent if no urgent steps are not taken to arrest the situation.

Prof. Igoche Okoh who made the observation in an interview with ICC Media reporters called on the United Nations, the European Union and other international organizations to, as a matter of agency, intervene and prevail on the warrying sides to show restraint in their actions.

The International Justice of Peace however, blamed Hamas for launching an unprovoked attack on Israel on October 7, 2023.

He described Hamas action as uncalled for, and senseless, dismissing Hamas excuse for the attack as flimsy.

He noted that the bitterness between the nation of Israel and the State of Palestine is hinged on land dispute and not religion, as opposed to Hamas imputation by alleging that their attack was a response to Israel’s attack and desecration of the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, a holy site.

According to His Eminence, Edwin Igoche Okoh, the October 7 attack on Israel is the worst since the Yom Kippur war in 1973 involving Egypt and Syrian forces and could be compared to the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Centre in New York, USA.

The counter attack by Israel on the orders of the Prime Minister, Benjamin Nyatanahu was a response to the Hamas attack, the Justice Ambassador reasoned, arguing that this is one attack that has mesmerized and confounded the nation of Israel and its security network than anyother in history.

He regretted that a lot of innocent lives – children, women and the elderly were wasted by Hamas attack on Israel and even a more devastating onslaught by the Israeli counter attack on Hamas.

Prof. Edwin Ogoche Okoh is therefore calling on all relevant agencies especially, the UN, EU, the Arab League and the entire international community for a unanimous mandate to the two sides to allow for peaceful mediation and resolution of this agelong crisis to avert the impending doom for the entire humanity.

It is only in a peaceful atmosphere can the entire humanity be sustained by living together as brothers, or perish together as fools if devoid of peace and harmony, the International Justice of Peace Ambassador concluded.

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