Opobo Youth Federation Warns Against Impeachment Attempts On Governor Fubara

The Opobo Youth Federation condemn any attempts to undermine the democratic process and urge all parties involved to respect the will of the people and prioritize  the betterment of Rivers State.

The group said the youth of Opobo Kingdom will not allow any individual truncate the free will of the people of Rivers State given to Governor Fubara.

Rivers State has made significant strides in the pursuit of development and stability under the leadership of Governor Fubara. The Governor has championed policies and initiatives that have positively impacted the lives of the citizens. Political squabbles and power struggles should not hinder the progress and the people’s mandate must be respected.

Rivers State is not the personal estate of any individual, as such should be allowed to be governed by the chosen one of Rivers State Governor SIM Fubara for the advancement of a greater Rivers State.


Evang. Chris Nnana Jaja
President General, Opobo Youth Federation.

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