Mayor Of Housing Honored With Alesa Award, Introduces, Unveils Innovative Security Model

...As Stakeholders Urge Emulation To Promote Peace

The town of Alesa Eleme in Rivers State witnessed a significant endorsement of a development model crafted by the Mayor of Housing, My-ACE China, as local leaders urged prospective investors to embrace this blueprint for fostering harmony in host communities within the Niger Delta region.

This endorsement culminated in the Mayor of Housing being honored with the inaugural ‘Hero of Development’ award during the Alesa carnival in 2023.

Presented by Mr. Emmanuel Olaka, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Alesa Highlands Sustainable Smart City Project, the award underscored the pivotal role of the Mayor’s vision in community development.

The unveiling of the security architecture within this developmental framework portends promising prospects for peace in the Niger Delta.

Deeply moved by the award, the Mayor of Housing, expressed gratitude and highlighted the paramount significance of the Alesa Highlands Sustainable Smart City Project in his career.

Emphasizing the importance of commitment to the community’s vision, the Mayor pledged unwavering dedication to achieving milestones and delivering on promises. He attributed this success to collaborative efforts and lauded the visionary leadership of Distinguished Senator Adawari Michael Pepple for spearheading the project.

Alesa stakeholders led by Chief Sunny Nkpe (right)

“This is the most important award to me because the Alesa Highlands Sustainable Smart City Development Project is the most important project in my estate development and building history and career. This is the first estate that we are curetting solely. All other estates we have curetted have been with other brand names. This is the first estate and the biggest that we are handling directly so far.

“So, for the host community where the development will sit to have already recognized us and awarded us with such level of recognition still at land acquisition stage as Heroes of Development, it is the biggest endorsement so far in my career, and we are not taking it lightly.”

He said it was a big boost for him not only to be committed to the vision but to make sure that the various visions along the way are accomplished.

“As I always say, the only thing more satisfying than ‘mission accomplished’ is vision accomplished!  Watch out for the vision of the new Banana Island as we turn Alesa into a new city in Port Harcourt that will be the envy of other cities around the world. I remain committed and I remain grateful to the Alesa Community.

“I won’t take this award for granted. This has just spurred me on. I remain committed to this mission.

“I dedicate this award to the chairman of the Construction and Housing Mayor Limited, the Distinguished Senator Adawari Michael Pepple, under whose visionary leadership this project, the Alesa Highlands Sustainable Smart City, is seeing the light of day. I dedicate this award to him and others partners. Without you, we will not be where we are today.”

Furthermore, stakeholders in Alesa Eleme rallied behind the Mayor’s model, advocating for its adoption by companies seeking to invest in or operate within the community. The model essentially fosters a partnership between corporate entities and host communities, emphasizing peace, security, and social development as fundamental tenets.

Highlighting the essence of collaboration and innovation, the Mayor stressed the imperative of aligning investor interests with community equity, notably prioritizing security in tandem with local youth engagement.

He championed the belief that security and hospitality serve as catalysts for development, citing Alesa’s welcoming embrace as pivotal to their endeavors.

Notably, the Mayor’s proactive approach, which includes supporting the community’s security vigilante and offering upfront contributions before project commencement, received widespread commendation from community leaders, industry figures, and stakeholders.

High Chief Sunny Nkpe and Mene Obarike White echoed sentiments of unprecedented commitment from the Mayor of Housing, affirming that this model establishes a template for sustained collaboration between investors and host communities.

The Youth President-General, Nwafor Ndiwator expressed profound gratitude for the Mayor’s contributions, emphasizing the significance of these gestures in enhancing community security and development. He called for emulation of this model by future investors to ensure enduring peace and progress.

The celebratory atmosphere during the Alesa carnival marked a symbolic assimilation of the Mayor of Housing into the community’s social fabric, further affirming the endorsement and appreciation for his visionary approach.

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