School Resumption: VC Highlights Need For Good Conduct, Behaviour

As the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE), Rumuolumeni, Port Harcourt gears up for a seamless resumption and return to academic activities on Tuesday, the Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof Okechuku Onuchuku has outlined the university’s commitment to foster conducive academic environment.

Speaking with journalists in Port Harcourt on Monday, Prof. Onuchuku assured students of proactive measures and emphasized the institution’s unwavering dedication to advancing academic excellence without compromise.

He stressed the deployment of international best practices in university management to benefit the student body and the wider university community.

The Vice Chancellor reiterated his staunch stance against academic dishonesty, affirming the administration’s zero-tolerance policy towards any form of fraud.

“Our primary goal is to guide students towards achieving their utmost potential, nurturing graduates poised to excel in the competitive job market,” he affirmed.

Onuchuku underscored the significance of upholding integrity and diligence, cautioning against shortcuts that might produce inadequately prepared individuals.

Emphasizing the correlation between hard work, ethical conduct, and societal contribution, he advocated for a culture where students prioritize these values in their pursuit of education.

The Vice Chancellor highlighted the administration’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding exemplary academic performance and character while reiterating the university’s efforts in identifying and honoring outstanding individuals within the student body.

Under Onuchuku’s leadership, the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education has witnessed positive transformations, including the academic advancement of its faculties, indicating a favorable shift in the institution’s landscape.

The proactive measures outlined by the Acting Vice Chancellor signal a promising phase for the university, fostering an environment conducive to academic achievement and character development among its student populace.

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