Traditional Rulers, Govt Officials’ Alliance, Key To Peace, Development – King Baridam

Traditional rulers and government officials in Rivers State have being urged to join forces in order to foster peace and development within the state.

This was the position of the Paramount ruler of Ancient Bangha Kingdom in Nyokhana District in Khana Local Government Area, and Chairman, Khana Area Council of Traditional Rulers, His Majesty, King Dr. Baridam Suanu Timothy Yormaadam in a press statement released in Port Harcourt at the weekend.

Recognizing the unique roles and responsibilities of both parties, King Baridam is emphasizing the need for collaboration to achieve common goals.

“Traditional rulers, as custodians of culture and tradition, play a vital role in maintaining social order and harmony within their communities.

Their influential positions enable them to mobilize their people towards positive change and development.

Moreover, their extensive knowledge of local customs and traditions equips them with the necessary tools to resolve conflicts and promote unity among community members.

On the other hand, government officials possess the authority and resources required to implement policies and programs that support community development. They have the capacity to provide essential services such as infrastructure, healthcare, and education, which are crucial for the well-being of the people”, the King stated in the statement that was circulated to the press.

King Baridam, who also doubles as the Kasimene Bangha VIII and paramount ruler Luumene Bangha, said that by working together, traditional rulers and government officials can leverage their respective strengths to address the challenges facing society.

He believes that collaborative initiatives can be undertaken to promote peace, security, and socio-economic development within communities, adding that this partnership has the potential to enhance governance effectiveness and create better outcomes for the people.

“It is of utmost importance for politicians in Rivers State to prioritize peace and stability in the region. In this regard, the involvement of traditional rulers as agents of conflict resolution can greatly contribute to achieving this goal.

“Traditional rulers hold significant influence and respect within their communities. Their mediation skills, ability to promote dialogue, and capacity to foster reconciliation among different groups are invaluable in resolving conflicts. Moreover, their deep understanding of local customs ensures that disputes are resolved in a culturally sensitive manner.

“Politicians must recognize the importance of engaging with traditional rulers in conflict resolution efforts. By working together, they can leverage the unique strengths and perspectives of both parties to address the root causes of conflicts and promote lasting peace in the region”, said the king.

King Baridam further posited that traditional rulers can serve as bridges between the government and the people, helping to build trust and facilitate communication.

He said their  involvement in conflict resolution efforts fosters a sense of ownership and accountability among community members, leading to more sustainable peace building initiatives.

In conclusion, he urged politicians in Rivers State to actively involve traditional rulers in conflict resolution initiatives to promote peace and stability in the region, stressing that by harnessing the collective wisdom and influence of traditional leaders, they can effectively address conflicts and build a more peaceful and prosperous society for all.

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