Barr. Ariolu Grateful For Anglican Church’s Spiritual Support

The Executive Chairman of Obio/Akpor Local Government Council, Hon (Barr) George Ariolu, DSSRS, has received a delegation from the Anglican Church, Niger Delta North Diocese, led by His Lordship, Rt Rev. Wisdom Budu Ihunwo DSSRS, JP, at the council headquarters, Rumuodomaya on Monday.

During the meeting, Ariolu expressed his gratitude for the visit, referring to it as an Episcopal visit, and extended his appreciation to the Bishop and the clergymen for their continuous prayers and spiritual support to his administration.

He emphasized the significance of his partnership with the body of Christ, stating that the success and achievements of his administration are attributed to the grace of God and the spiritual guidance received.

Ariolu highlighted the essential role of spiritual backing in the governance process, emphasizing that no arm of government can effectively carry out its activities without it.

Reiterating his administration’s commitment to serving God and humanity, Ariolu emphasized his determination to maintain a strong partnership with the church and actively support its activities.

He urged the church and clergymen to continue praying for the nation, state, and local government councils.

“I am deeply grateful to the Lord Bishop and his entourage for this auspicious visit.

The presence of clergymen strengthens us as a council. This visit is truly an Episcopal visit, as it brings the blessings of God upon us.

“During our tenure, we have prioritized our partnership with the church because we understand its importance. The remarkable growth we have witnessed in our administration is undoubtedly the work of the Lord.

“I firmly believe that any position we hold should reflect the life of Christ in our interactions with fellow human beings. As part of our mandate, we will continue to collaborate with the church. Please keep us and all levels of government in your prayers”, he told the Bishop.

In his remarks, His Lordship, Rt. Rev. Wisdom Budu Ihunwo DSSRS JP, expressed gratitude to God on behalf of Ariolu’s administration for their continuous partnership with the church.

“I want to offer heartfelt thanks to God for your behalf and for the people-oriented projects you have undertaken.

Your consistent collaboration with the church is acknowledged and may God grant you more opportunities to serve.”

“The Niger Delta North Diocese is experiencing spiritual and physical growth. We are currently investing in establishing schools within the diocese, where we can oversee the development of our children and instill moral values in them.”

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